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Buffalo Bulletin: We’re Not Trading Stefon Diggs



As much as we hate it, the Stefon Diggs trade rumours have to be addressed. The star receiver, who garnered a reputation as a ‘Diva’ prior to his trade from the Minnesota Vikings to the Buffalo Bills, is drawing speculation from all over the NFL fanscape. He demanded a trade out of the Vikings in 2019/20 based on his usage, and he’s been visibly frustrated at times this season. When he walked out of the locker room following the Bills loss to the Bengals this postseason, of course everyone started talking.

Don’t worry though, the Bills aren’t trading Stefon Diggs.

Mutual Respect

The Buffalo Bills and Stefon Diggs committed to one another this past offseason, signing an extension to keep him in Buffalo for six seasons. Diggs told media that he expects to retire in Buffalo, playing with Josh Allen for his remaining career. To some, this won’t be enough to dissuade any rumours. After all, Stefon Diggs did sign an extension less than two years before asking to be traded by the Vikings. But for the Bills, who have continuously appeased Diggs with well-deserved credit and payment, it’s definitive.

Stefon Diggs Buffalo Bills snow

Some may point to his removal of all Bills-related imagery from his social media pages, but Diggs did the same thing in 2022, right before signing the largest contract of his career. He’s been known to tease the fans throughout his career, and it’s always good-natured.

Diggs has regularly talked about his frustration, and where it comes from. He has a desire to win, and it means everything to him to be the best. He holds himself to a high standard, and he reacts when he doesn’t get the chance to meet that standard. It’s something he’s respected for within the franchise.

The Cost Of Trading Stefon Diggs

Now let’s forget everything I just said. Let’s pretend for a moment that he does want to go, and we can’t keep him. Let’s imagine everything is terrible. The sun doesn’t shine, the grass doesn’t grow, and he absolutely has to be on another roster.

The trade is still unfeasible.

To trade Stefon Diggs right now would incur roughly a $37.5M Dead Cap hit for 2023. A net savings of about -$17M. That would be disastrous for our franchise, in a time where we need to retain talent and have already limited resources to do that with.

Josh Allen Stefon Diggs Buffalo Bills Trade
USA Today

What trade package would you willingly accept to lose our best WR, Josh Allen’s number one target? Now imagine that trade package also has to compensate us for a loss of almost $40M on our limited salary cap. No team in the NFL would we willing to pay the cost needed to make that deal worthwhile to the Buffalo Bills.

Can We Move On Now?

So no, it’s obviously not happening. I don’t care if you read it on FanSided, or saw some pieces about possible trade destinations on the internet. It doesn’t matter if you think that he’s a locker room cancer, as he wears the ‘C’ on his chest that his teammates gave him for the second-straight season. If Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk has said there’s a chance, it is simply a hit to his own credibility.

Stefon Diggs is going nowhere but the end zone, and he’s getting there surrounded by 70,000 of his closest friends in blue, white, and red. A Buffalo Bill for life, and one person you absolutely do not have to worry about this offseason. That’s Stefon Diggs.

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