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Buffalo Bills Week 8 Overreactions



Well, a win is a win… even if it’s ugly. The Buffalo Bills were finally able to run effectively with James Cook and Devin Singletary; Singletary rushed for 67 yards on 14 carries, and Cook had 35 yards on seven carries. The Bills focused on using the duo in the backfield without trying to make Zack Moss work, and it was a very effective game plan. On defense, the Bills were okay allowing Green Bay to run on them, and it was fine. Let’s get into some overreactions.

The Buffalo Bills defense is FINE.

No, this defense didn’t take 12 steps back. Leslie Frazier was fine with letting the Packers run on them and waste time. Why? Because that was better than the alternate, playing for the run and letting Aaron Rodgers throw for 30 yards per play and score within two minutes like we saw late in the game. If Green Bay wants to run it 30 times between Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon and lose while doing it, why not let them?

Devin Singletary heard the trade rumors (again).

With the Bills reportedly in the market for a RB, Devin Singletary heard the noise and had his best game of the season. After rushing for 53 yards in the first quarter, Singletary finished the game with 67 yards (and a 4.8 yards per carry average) as well as a 16 yard reception. If Singletary keeps this up, a Singletary-Cook duo may be the best thing for this team.

The Bills need to feed Dawson Knox.

Why do they need to get Knox more involved? Because, if they don’t, that extension was for nothing. The Bills finished the game with 25 passes, only three of which went to Knox (two receptions, 10 yards, and one TD). I’m not sure what’s up with Dawson Knox this year, but this isn’t the same production that we grew accustomed to seeing last season. I’m not saying everything is lost for Knox this year, but he needs to be more involved than he has been so far.

The Bills may need to work the trade market for a Safety.

At the time of this article, news hasn’t broke of the extent of Poyer’s injury. However, him saying that he felt a pop in his elbow isn’t a great sign. So, do the Bills role with a tandem of Damar Hamlin/Jaquan Johnson? I’d hope not. With some safeties available before Tuesday’s trade deadline, the Bills may feel inclined to land one if they don’t like the Poyer news.

Featured image: AP Photo/Adrian Kraus

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