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Buffalo Bills Week 6 Gameday Playlist



What a massive W against the Chiefs, the Buffalo Bills now have a chance to get revenge once again against the Tennessee Titans. This week’s playlist has some old Nashville legends as well as some of my own music from my library. Hope y’all enjoy, go Bills.

Megadeth – I’ll Get Even

The last time Tennessee and Buffalo squared off, the Titans completely blew red and blue out, by dramatic proportions. Everything about that game seemed scuffed though. Only a couple days to prepare, horrible weather, lack of execution, bad refs, etc. Regardless of excuses, the Bills have a chance to get even with the Titans before possibly seeing them in the playoffs early next year.

Jay-Z & Kanye West – No Church in the Wild

One of football’s most famous and skilled players will be running right through the hearts of Bills players this week. Derrick “King” Henry has been a wrecking-ball on fire for the past couple of seasons. While he has struggled against Buffalo in the past, he still has the chance to go over 150+ rushing yards, with ease. The part in this song that goes “What’s a King to a God?” represents this situation as a whole. The Buffalo Bills defense is God (being no. 1 in total points) and Derrick Henry is King. A King is nothing to a God.

Westside Gunn – Richies

WSG commonly finds himself on these Gameday Playlists and for good reason. The Buffalo native uses this song as a flex track to talk about all the nicer things in life he had while in prison and still has since he’s gotten out. The Buffalo Bills are Westside Gunn, how fitting. For 25 years this team was horrible, prison-level if you will, but we were still happy with what we had. Now this team is beating Kansas City and it seems expected by the fan base. This team is amazing y’all, bask in the glory of a Super Bowl favorite team.

Paramore – Ain’t It Fun

Nashville, TN is one of America’s music hotspots as numerous artists, bands, rappers, etc. come out and break onto the national stage each year. That being said, we’re going with a bit of a classic to start off. Paramore was a massive band during the mid 2010s and has since become one of the more recognizable names in the music industry. I picked “Ain’t It Fun” simply because that’s how I feel with the Bills being 4-1 and 1st in most power rankings. Also, the line “You’re not the big fish in the pond, no more” makes me feel things. Sorry Kansas City… not.

Steeler – Down to the Wire

Steeler is a Nashville band that only has two albums ever. One from 1983 and one from… 2020? Huh. That’s a little strange. Anyways, the song “Down to the Wire” is your basic 80s could-be-in-a-football-commercial-song that has some great riffs and vocal work.

Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around

Johnny Cash is without a doubt a top-10 artist all-time, and is definitely the most prominent figure from Nashville and the greater Tennessee area. It was tough to pick just one Cash song, but I thought this one suited well. Josh Allen is the man who comes around and “makes the hair stand up on your arm”.

King Krule – Border Line

A testament to King Henry, one of my personal favorite artists King Krule is equally interesting. His voice is so deep that he doesn’t use drums on his songs, and he compliments his husky tone with warped bass to make one helluva groovy song. Think of the lack of drums as Tennessee’s lack of a passing game. Then think of the warped base as their piss-poor play calling. Regardless of such, Derrick Henry is still going to be amazing.

Steve Lacy – Dark Red

Okay, so I didn’t originally have this song on the playlist. But after just listening to it in my free-time, I just had to add it. Last year, when the Bills and Titans faced each other, there was one particular play that everyone on Earth remembers. Derrick Henry stiff-armed Josh Norman out of the league. In this Steve Lacy song, the lyrics start out as “Something bad is ‘bout to happen to me. I don’t know what, but I feel it coming. Might be so sad, might leave my nose running”. I mean that just had to have been Norman’s thought-process when he saw Henry coming around the edge. 

Theophilus London & Tame Impala – Whiplash

One of the better songs of 2020, we saw a very random collab as TL and Tame Impala made this song together. I picked this song for one lyric: “Head’s in the future, but your neck’s in the past”. The Buffalo Bills are amazing ladies and gentlemen. Other people around the NFL landscape might not believe it purely based on what this team used to be, but don’t worry they’ll catch on soon.

Kota the Friend – Monday

The Bills have back-to-back primetime games as they will play the Titans in Nashville on Monday. Once again, all of America will be watching, so blowout the Titans and force yourselves into the Super Bowl conversation. 

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