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Buffalo Bills Week 18 Overreactions



Well, what a whirlwind of emotions we went through as Buffalo Bills fans yesterday. From the opening kickoff return touchdown, to bonehead turnovers, to another kickoff return touchdown in the second half, it was a very fun game to watch. Now, the Bills turn their attention to their wild card matchup against the Miami Dolphins Sunday at 1:00 pm. But before that, let’s close out the regular season the only way we know how to at Buffalo Fanatics… by overreacting to a perfectly fine victory.

1.) John Brown is back!!!

And the New England Patriots didn’t want the smoke. (Get it? I hope you did.) Either way, Brown definitely made his case to be on the active roster for the playoffs, and definitely should get snaps over Gabe Davis. (RIP to my Gabe Davis All-Pro prediction.) Brown finished the day with one reception for 42 yards and a TD and didn’t drop a target, unlike other receivers who will remain unnamed. Play Smoke Brown!!

2.) The secondary is a joke, and it can’t play like this next week.

It’s probably hard for some fans to bash the secondary after what they just went through. However, it was a joke Sunday against some pretty average receivers. DeVante Parker and Jakobi Meyers were getting open all day. Minus that interception, Tre White didn’t look the best. He got beat by Parker deep (White got extremely lucky that was dropped), and committed a defensive holding in the game. White probably still isn’t 100%, but Buffalo will need him to play better next week.

3.) Play Khalil Shakir!!

Good things happen when you throw to Shakir, and he has proven it time and time again. He caught one of two targets for 28 yards, and his other target would have gone for a touchdown if not for a miraculous breakup by Devin McCourty. Shakir has shown us fans and coaches that he should get more reps than Isaiah McKenzie is currently. Blame it on Coach McDermott not playing rookies if you’d like, but either way he needs a lot more playing time.

4.) Nyheim Hines saved the game for Buffalo.

Without Nyheim Hines’ two kickoff touchdowns, do the Buffalo Bills win? Maybe. It’s hard to say. Those two plays helped finish off the win against New England with the defense not playing up to par. Add in the three huge offensive scores and this should be cause for celebration. We’re finally seeing Hines’ full potential on special teams and the offense starting to get back in sync before the playoffs.

Featured Image: Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images