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Buffalo Bills Week 15 predictions



Last week’s loss was tough, but as I said in my recap, it gave more hope than dread. Allen’s a stud, the defense is legit, having held the Bucs to just a field goal in the entire second half. Good things are coming to the Buffalo Bills and, with that finishing performance, they could very well be back on track.

Previously on Bills vs. Panthers (Week 2, 2017 Season)

Coming off an impressive week one performance, the Panthers invited the Bills to Carolina, only to defeat them. (Rude.) They allowed just one field goal in a 9-3 loss. This game truly was a battle of the defenses, with Cam Newton being sacked six times.

Can this previously number one ranked defense get back to its 2017 form? Can the offense of the final 30 minutes of the Bucs game come out rolling at home?

Prediction #1: Yes, the defense can redeem themselves

This Buffalo Bills defense started the season hot as the top scoring defense in the league, and shutting down the opposition twice in the first five games. That defense is still there, and they’ll prove it this week.

The Panthers will be held to a maximum of 17 points.

Prediction #2: Gabriel Davis Time

Every time Davis takes the field, he proves his worth. So far this season, he’s had 24 receptions for 385 yards and four TDs. He’s a machine. He also ranks 19th in NFL in red zone targets with 12, more than Chase, Higgins, and McLaurin. Josh Allen has also stated that he has the “upmost confidence and love for Gabe Davis”. Not bad for a WR who’s spent most of this season on the bench.

With Sanders out, Davis slips in nicely into that WR2 slot. And he deserves it. Every time he’s fed the ball, he produces. Whether he’s scoring a TD, hustling for a first down, or showing off that sweet toe drag swag, he’s the guy. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Davis gets over 100 yards and at least one TD. That’s how much confidence I have in him.

Prediction #3: Devin Singletary puts on a show

Singletary, has been one of the more consistent players on the Bills all season. Every rep he takes, he does something. It may only be a few yards at a time, but he does enough for this pass-heavy offense. Breida and Moss are great for sure, but their seasons have been a slight rollercoaster. Singletary is reliable and gets the job done. This guy is RB1, and deservedly so.

He’ll rush for at least 70 yards against Carolina. Not a lot for a typical RB1, but it’s enough for this pass-heavy offense.

Prediction #4: Defensive Line feasts

After a stellar start, with seemingly every defensive linesman getting a sack or putting serious pressure on opposing QBs, the defensive line has been kind of quiet. They still produce, but not to the standard it once had.

This week, they go back to that Week 5 D, the guys that refused to give Patrick Mahomes any room to breathe. Those guys were so fun to watch. I see no reason why they don’t make a comeback. Whoever the Panthers’ QB will be, they’ll be downed at least three times.


A big win, similar to Thanksgiving, is exactly what these guys need after having their joy stolen by the Patriots and then Brady. And a big win is what they’ll get. The Buffalo Bills are more than capable of doing it; they showed it in the second half last week. Now, they need to be consistent with it. Which they can and will do.

Bills by a Billion.

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