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Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets: We Won! Three Quick Takes!

Holy shit! What a game! With four turnovers in the first half, the Bills rallied and scored 17 unanswered points!



Here are three quick takes from the game. There will be a much more in depth reaction tomorrow.

1.) Devin Singletary is a man!

Devin Singletary averaged 17.5 yards per rushing attempt and finished the game with 70 rushing yards! He also reeled in five receptions for 28 yards, meaning, he had 98 yards from scrimmage from 9 touches.

Le’Veon Bell is going to be a world-beater, right? He averaged 3.5 yards per attempt against the stingy Bills defense and finished with only 60 yards. He also added six receptions for 32 yards, but is this your bogey man, Bills Mafia? You skerred of this guy?

2.) Defense! Defense!

Our defense came out to play. The Kaiju, Trumaine Edmunds, seemed like he was on top of every play! We had four sacks on the day, thanks to the efforts of Gerald P. Hughes and the rest of the line. Ed Oliver was disruptive as hell, as he got into the backfield so much, New Jersey gave him residency.

Shaq Lawson played a hell of a game! Third down Shaq, bro. He had a sack and a batted pass on third down and was disruptive all game! Way to go, Shaq! Go and get your money.

3. Josh Allen and Rally Caps!

Despite four turnovers in the first half, Josh Allen and the offense rebounded. The Jets defense looked great for most of the game, but Allen did not let past failure disrupt the end of the game.

Allen played smart in the second half, willing to throw bad balls away. That pass to John “Smokey” Brown was as delicious as Buffalo flavored popcorn on game day.

This win showed a lot of heart and a lot of guts. In an away game against a division opponent, our team stood strong and kicked the Jets’ ass in the second half. If this is what 2019 will look like from a heart and culture perspective … watch out, NFL.

There’s nothing like a victory! Let’s go, Buffalo!

Editor in Chief of Buffalo Fanatics. Be sure to follow him on Twitter @AdamNannini