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Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills to Play Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving



The Buffalo Bills are scheduled to play the Dallas Cowboys in what will be Buffalo’s first Thanksgiving game since 1994.

The Bills are 3-4-1 in Thanksgiving games and have not gotten a chance at one in 25 years. The game will be at 4:30 PM ET. This will be one of the two nationally televised Bills games this season, the other being in Foxborough against the Patriots in week 16.

Dallas Cowboys had solid defense last year, ranking seventh, and they just signed DeMarcus Lawrence to a monster deal. On the offensive side of the ball however, things did not come so easily for Dallas as they ranked 22nd in overall yards. It’s a somewhat similar narrative with the Bills, who had the number two defense and the number 30 offense.

Dallas’ addition of Amari Cooper has majorly helped them on offense. Since being traded to Dallas, Cooper has upped his production and appears to be back on track in his career after a considerable slump towards the end of his time in Oakland. Prescott and Cooper have strong chemistry and with Ezekiel Elliott Dallas will be a formidable opponent.

The Bills have added talent of their own, including former Cowboy Cole Beasley. Beasley will return to Dallas for the first time to play in a game he is very familiar with. The Bills are a young team with little experience in big-time games like this one. Beasley being the veteran he is, will be able to help the young guns keep their heads on straight on the massive stage.

This will be a fun game to watch. The Bills and Cowboys rivalry goes way back, though there has been little tension between the teams as of late. In the ’90s however, both teams were very strong. They met in back to back Super Bowls in 1992 and 1993, both of which the Bills lost. The rivalry is also responsible for my favorite football moment of all time, when Don Beebe stripped a pre-maturely celebrating Leon Lett as he was trotting into the end zone after a fumble recovery in Super Bowl XXVII. This matchup has a pedigree as rich as some of the most historic rivalries in the league. Both the Bills and Cowboys are young teams with young quarterbacks and stout defenses, which hint at an even matchup with the added kick of a rivalry. Not to mention, it’s a great excuse for showing up to your in-laws’ house an hour or two late.