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Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills To Announce Reasonable Season Ticket Increases



Terry and Kim Pegula continue to do everything wrong in regards to the Buffalo Sabres. However, fans can take solace in the fact that their incompetence in the hockey department has not trickled over onto the football side. It is no secret the NFL lost a massive amount of revenue with limited to no fans in the stands in 2020. It is no secret the Buffalo Bills are a very good football team. Those two things combined seemed like a recipe for a massive hike in the price of tickets to Bills Stadium in 2021.

That fear was out at ease today as a report from WGR 550 suggests the Buffalo Bills will be communicating to season ticket holders this week that prices will increase $8 per game. That would still leave the Bills in the bottom quarter of the league in average ticket pricing. In all likelihood the NFL will be announcing the addition of a 17th game starting in 2021. If it does the Buffalo Bills will be hosting the Washington Football Team at some point during the season. Between the $8 increase and the additional game fans will be looking at a payment that is $150-$250 more expensive than 2019. All in all not bad considering the circumstances.

The expectation is that NFL stadiums will be back at full capacity this fall. If that is the case it is reasonable to assume based off the team’s success last season that we could be looking at a record shattering amount of ticket sales in 2021.