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Buffalo Bills Thursday Thought: Drop the Hammer on the Titans

The Tennessee Titans have had over 20 players and team personnel test positive for Covid-19. In the process they haven’t followed any protocols put in place by the NFL



The Buffalo Bills are supposed to play the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. It’s. looking like this game will not be taking place anytime soon. The Titans have been hit with a Coronavirus outbreak, the first in the NFL. However, upon investigations, it’s come out that the Titans organization was not following the Coronavirus protocols put in place by the league. This week’s Thursday Thought: Drop the hammer on the Titans.

Whether flawed or not, the NFL spent months discussing with the NFLPA on how they would have an NFL season. Along with protocols would be with the Coronavirus. The NFL ran the risk of having no bubble, like what the NBA and NHL decided to do to finish their season. Without a bubble, the responsibility of containing the virus was put on the players, coaches, and teams.

Oct 6, 2019; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans at the line against the Buffalo Bills during the second half at Nissan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Through four weeks the NFL has done a very good job of keeping players safe and getting through the NFL season. However, the Titans have recently put the season at risk. Positive cases were bound to happen during the 2020 NFL season, as it would be inevitable without a bubble.

It was put in place how the NFL was supposed to deal with Coronavirus cases. This including closing team facilities and keeping players away from each other. Even moving practices and meeting virtually. Yet, the Titans did the exact opposite.

Instead of staying away from each other and following the correct protocols and mitigation, the Titans players held a secret workout together at a local Nashville high school. The incident was caught on camera as photos were released of several Titans players in close proximity and unmasked together.

Oct 7, 2018; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) celebrates after making a touchdown run against the Tennessee Titans during the first quarter at New Era Field. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

On top of that report coming out, rumblings are starting to come out the Titans were not following protocols in the facility. This including a lack of wearing a mask throughout the facility for one. It’s starting to become clear that the number of positives that are still coming in today, likely have to do with the actions of the Titans organization.

What does the NFL do now? They’ve already had to postpone the Titans game from the previous week against the Pittsburgh Steelers. What the NFL decides to do is up in the air and unknown at this point. However one thing is clear, the NFL needs to punish the Titans and punish them harshly.

Oct 6, 2019; Nashville, TN, USA; Tennessee Titans inside linebacker Rashaan Evans (54) sacks Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) during the first half at Nissan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans willingly disregarded the safety measures put in place by the NFL and health experts. They put the season in a bind and could have put players on other teams at risk of contracting the virus. The NFL needs to drop the hammer on the Titans and send a message. That the Covid-19 protocols are to be followed carefully and seriously. Let me know on Twitter or in the comment section below.