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Buffalo Bills: Things We Know This week



At this point, the precedent is that MVP goes to the QB with the best stats on the best team. And I get that, Tom Brady has a better MVP case than Josh Allen. But watching that Bills-Bucs game yesterday, you could tell Allen was the best QB on the field.” – Chris Simms

We perpetually gainsaid when “Negative Stanley” had a pessimistic look on his face. Low and behold, he brought it to my attention how negative some fans really are. On one particular Bills group on Social Media, one absurd caviler commented two hours prior to the kickoff in Tampa that the Bills are the joke of the league.

Brady doesn’t like rushing that much. But, get your ass on the ground.” – Bruce Arians

This was before the compelling undertaking to the Super Bowl Champs. Had it been after the game, I still would have been in total disagreement with this fair weather TOOL. The Bills showed an awful lot of character, rallying to force overtime against maybe the best team in the entire NFL. Sure they had (and have) shortcomings, but most NFL teams do. Maybe people who were so happy to sneak into the playoffs based on a Cincinnati score during MCBEANE’s first season should count their blessings to be a solid team now on a regular basis.

Josh Allen is a warrior and he played his butt off. It doesn’t surprise me. It didn’t surprise you I’m sure. That’s why the guys love him. That’s why, you know, he’s our quarterback.” – Sean McDermott

They went 13-3 last year. They went to the AFC Championship game. I GET IT.

That by no means guarantees a 15-win season with the road to the Super Bowl going through the Queen City the very next season. Josh Allen is going to be an exciting, extremely competitive quarterback for many years to come. Overall, the team will have successful seasons and not so successful seasons.

Back to Mr. Tool. The joke of the NFL? What kind of recreational substance is he hoarding for that kind of proclamation. Do the Giants, Lions, Bears, Jags, Panthers, Jets, and Seahawks find exceptions to that of being a joke in this league? I was kind and did not mention the many teams with only six victories at this point. If the Bills were to not win another game this year, a seven win season would be a huge disappointment, but far from the JOKE-OF-THE-LEAGUE. Mr. Tool is a joke of a fan, and that comes from a crusty old man nicknamed “Negative Stanley”. What does that tell you?

While we are at it, to all of those Tweeters who said they will be watching the weather channel by halftime, I hope your therapeutic crafting worked miracles for you. You probably listened to the second half of the “COMEBACK” Game in your rusted Mercury Monarch in the parking lot at Rich Stadium with your push button AM radio. Scratch that. That would have meant you actually went to that game, like you tell your ex wife’s grandkid sitting on your knee at your local BITCHING and Watering hole.

I was bullish on Josh Allen from the get-go. He was my No. 1 quarterback in that draft class. I thought all the accuracy issues he had at Wyoming, I used to joke around, he threw to bouncers and bartenders. It was hard to evaluate him.”PETE PRISCO

Mr. Tool, you are a Grinch. A Scrooge who lives in Oscar’s tin garbage can. You must be a treat to watch a great movie with as you pick apart the entire plot. You probably bitched about Seinfeld being a show about nothing. Stairway to Heaven probably needed more Cow Bell. Take a bow “Mr. Tool”. You have been called out by “Negative Stanley”. Well done PUTZ. Finally, I digress…

The Bills could have shown up in the first half and it would have been a more complete game. Maybe some decisions to kick or punt could have been more beneficial remembering you only have so many offensive possessions in each game.

The officials certainly made a blunder by not calling holding or interference as Carlton Davis was on Stefon Diggs like Andrew Cuomo on an employee. Josh Allen zoomed the ball right on target and Diggs catches those kind of accurate passes in his sleep. As a result, the Bills would have sealed the game, avoiding overtime.

I am not a Mr. Tool and do not say the refs caused the Bills loss. Buffalo had plenty of opportunities to win the game and failed to execute. Yes, the refs were an inconsistent contributing factor in the outcome of the game. However, I never blame one or two calls for a full game’s results. Winning teams overcome questionable missed calls.

Conversely, Levi Wallace should never have been called for interference. The calls were inconsistent at best. Do not get me wrong. Buffalo needs more physical play, minus the lack of discipline, because penalties, and I mean legitimate calls, are ruining the Bills’ offensive drives and unnecessarily extending the opponents’ drives.

I will go out on a limb here and say that Sunday was similar to the loss in 1989 against the Browns, where Ronnie Harmon acquired his future plane ticket out of Buffalo. Jim Kelly showed the world he was much more than a Pro Bowl-caliber quarterback. He took the entire team on his back and almost pulled off the victory.

Well, Allen’s play, especially in the second half, had him carrying the unit on his back play after play. He was playing hurt, but still running. He single handily kept the chains moving when he had no business doing so. Allen tossed two TD passes, ran for one score, and passed for over 300 yards; all while rushing like Thurman Thomas, to the tune of 109 yards. The world saw him beat some good teams these past few years. They saw his competitiveness since he entered his first game as a rookie. What they witnessed Sunday evening was a maturing QB, a leader, an athletic intelligent quarterback carry his team to overtime against the world champs. Say it isn’t so. I dare you.

Things we know about the Buffalo Bills this week


Josh Allen was under heavy pressure throughout the first half, being sacked three times before the intermission. The Running Backs failed at pass protection as much as the linemen.


Converting two of 13 third down attempts will not win you many games in the NFL.


Leonard Fournette took a handoff 46 yards for six. He had 113 yards rushing in total. That keeps the defense off balance, especially when Tom Brady runs for first downs.


65 yards in penalties. With or without the poor officiating, this has got to stop.

I am semi-retired leaving my enjoyable 24 year management career due to multiple health issues. My dad retired from The Buffalo News after 49 years. I have been an avid fan for quite some time. Got that Marv Levy Fight Song In My Head for absolutely no reason.

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