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Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills: Things We Know This Week

It’s officially week one of the Buffalo Bills 2021 season. Here are the things we know heading into their first game week.



My most vivid memory of Thurman Thomas actually was draft day when we first picked him in 1988. In the first round, we couldn’t pick a running back which we wanted. There was some guy there in the second round named  Thurman Thomas that we picked. Wow.“- Marv Levy

Once upon a time, as in this past Saturday, we had our annual Fantasy Football draft at Mr. Bidet’s humble abode. I ended up drafting a hometown player reasonably early, which is extremely rare. Since our fantasy league was created in 1997, Josh Allen is the only quarterback worth picking from the Bills. Commish put it all together, making something out of nothing. We call our founder, COMMISSIONER or Commish. We do not refer to him as Creator as that could be weaponized into “Alpha and Omega” requests. Distractions are futile.

“My mom used to call me Joshy Boucher. I watched ‘The Waterboy‘ so much, my mom started calling me Joshy Boucher. True story.” –Josh Allen

 “Mama say that happiness is from magic rays of sunshine that come down when you feelin’ blue.” Bobby Boucher.

Sure, Tyrod Taylor could use his feet to gather points. However, he was never selected early due to his conservative check-down approach.

 “I do know that if you ask this specific coach who he wants to line up at quarterback for his team, I’d answer by pointing, right there, at No. 12, Jim Kelly.“- Marv Levy.

Hall and Wall of Famer Jim Kelly had just retired, therefore drafting him was never an option. Had he been continuing on, I would not think he would be a top starter anyway. Clarification; not a great early pick based on Fantasy rules. His ability to put up six points at will in real Football was second to none. He was no longer dominating like the Super Bowl years. Don’t let me downplay Kelly’s ability to control the offense, as he made the playoffs his last season in the league. Even at the K-guns peak, as mighty as it was, it was a different league then. Run and stop the run or defense wins championships were the mission statements for a coach like Marv Levy. Never ever could we forget another huge factor, maybe limiting said passing attack. Thurman Thomas. Enough said.

“The kid is hot tonight

Whoa, so hot tonight

But where will he be tomorrow?

The kid is hot tonight, “Whoa, so hot tonight”-

But where will he be tomorrow” -Loverboy

Stefon Diggs went very fast at our Fantasy draft. Gone are the days where the first Bill to be drafted was the defense or kicker. The Buffalo quarterbacks might have been picked up due to injuries, but never a coveted fantasy pick. Lee Evans, for example, might have been a fantasy selection three rounds or four in. There’s no chemistry with having a different quarterback, head coach, or offensive coordinator as often as you change your Batman Under-Roos.

“Well, overall, I think he’s brought experience to our receiving corps,” McDermott explained. “We’ve had experience before to some extent, but he’s brought legitimacy to that group, even more than we were before. He’s brought energy and a dog mentality to our offense and to our football team, quite frankly. I think the yards everyone can pull it up, look on a computer, and find the numbers, but I believe it goes beyond that. There’s a lot of intangibles in there as well that we as a team have benefited from.” -Sean McDermott.

Will Allen and Diggs be the next Jim Kelly and Andre Reed? Based on last season and pure upside, the new kids in town could be far superior to the ALMOST-A-DYNASTY Hall of Famers. That being said, health and longevity are huge. Many great players may not be recognized as they forecasted due to a shortened career. No one saw Andrew Luck retiring with the immediate success he had to start his career. Cam Newton was at the top of the world just a few short years ago. Now he gets cut by New England, and the demand for him is not very strong.

“You take me to the top

Take me to the top

Take me to the top

Take me to the

Take me to the

You take me to the top“- Loverboy

A popular mediocre 1980’s Canadian band was pointed out at the fantasy draft as having songs that could be part of a Josh Allen highlight video. I did not buy in until many songs were analyzed with the help of some adult beverages as to how and why the lyrics had remotely video. Josh Allen always had the physical tools, but Brandon Beane had to hit on him huge since trading up to number seven overall to draft him.

Some called bust. Others called project. Either way, watching him in preseason and training camp indicates he is not regressing after some luck season. He improved in every area asked of him from year one to two. From year two to three, he totally resumes bled a stud superstar. I never would guess that Loverboy had inspirational lyrics. That was until it was suggested they make all Josh Allen songs for the fans. Obviously, it was a joke, but the lyrics did make me chuckle.

“Everybody’s working for the weekend

Everybody wants a new romance

Everybody’s going off the deep end

Everybody needs a second chance, oh”-Loverboy

“C’mon and touch that dial

Turn me on

Start me like a motor

Make me run

Turn that dial all the way

Shoot me like a rocket into space

Lovin’ every minute of it

Lovin’ every minute of it

Whoa, oh, whoa, whoa”-Loverboy

Great football times are here. Cold beers. Tailgating, House parties. Baggo, Bills jerseys. Bad Loverboy songs? What a different feeling again after so long. That of expecting this team based on many facets to be a powerhouse. It’s not just you or I. It’s everyone everywhere wanting to be in the Bills Mafia. Watch out folding tables. Your days are numbers.

Things We Know About the Buffalo Bills this week:

Brandon Beane was vocal that they kept 11 defensive linemen because of their plan regarding rushing the quarterbacks. McDermott is absolutely ready to see them do their job. “It’s time to buckle down and produce, and that’s what we have to have from that unit.”

3-0 Baby. Un-defeated preseason done in style with authority. We are going to the show. Back to the Big Dance. A fan shouted this on talk radio just the other day. It is nice winning the way they did. That has absolutely nothing to do with winning a division or having a losing season. It’s try-outs and decision-making. It is practice squad planning and players unknowingly trying out for another team. The Bills were very bad throughout preseason during Camp Marv’s Almost-A-Dynasty teams. When kickoff rolled around for the season openers, they drove the ball down the field, scoring early and often.

CBS Sports has Josh Allen ranked as fantasy QB1

I am semi-retired leaving my enjoyable 24 year management career due to multiple health issues. My dad retired from The Buffalo News after 49 years. I have been an avid fan for quite some time. Got that Marv Levy Fight Song In My Head for absolutely no reason.