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Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills: Things We Know This Week

What Is a Bill? A Buffalo Bill?



“I’m just a bill. Yes, I’m only a bill. And I’m sitting here on Capitol Hill. Well, it’s a long, long journey, To the capital city. It’s a long, long wait. While I’m sitting in committee, But I know I’ll be a law someday. At least I hope and pray that I will, But today I am still just a bill.”School-House- Rock-Live

The Buffalo Bills are not named after the famous song teaching children a bit of Political Science during Saturday morning cartoons. 

Dabney Coleman, Geena Davis, and Joanna Cassidy did star in the 1983 sitcom ‘Buffalo Bill.’ It was a mediocre News Radio or WKRP. The two-season survival sitcom added to Dabney Coleman’s extremely limited success on broadcast television. The show had absolutely zero impact on the AFC East Champion’s team name.  That being said, I’m not certain that the TV show impacted anything in the BIG ’80s. 

“You don’t know what pain is.” – James Gumb (AKA Buffalo Bill). I did it. I avoided referencing the lotion, basket, skin, and dog quote while quoting Silence of the Lambs. The character from the books and movie had zero impact on naming the football team.

 I must admit, it did impact me though. I named my Pomeranian that I had for 16 years “PRECIOUS” after the celebrity dog from the brilliant film. Nothing to see here folks. 

 Contrary to popular theory, the team was not named after the beautiful bird.

“My restless, roaming spirit would not allow me to remain at home very long.” – Buffalo Bill Cody

Actually, the team name dated back much further than the 1960 Ralph Wilson organization that laced up at the old Rockpile

James Breuil owned the Buffalo Bisons of the AAFC and changed the name to the Bills after one season going all-in on the frontier theme. This would be the legend and western frontiersman, Buffalo Bill Cody. 

James F. Dyson won $500 in the naming contest until the league folded in 1949 where Buffalo was merged into the Cleveland Browns

When Mr. Wilson was awarded the team in 1959, he chose to utilize the popular name of the folded franchise from a decade earlier. There were several other attempts at pro football in the Queen City much earlier in the 20th century prior to World War Two. 

“Frankly, the enthusiasm of the Buffalo fans was a main factor. I studied the attendance records of the Buffalo Bills in the All-America Conference, the baseball attendance here, and I determined this city deserves a major league football team,” – Ralph Wilson

“And I said, “Oh, no sir. I must say you’re wrong. I must disagree, oh, no sir. I must say you’re wrong. Won’t you listen to me?”- Goodbye Horses (Q Lazzarus).

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.
Sclemeel, Schlemazel, Hasenfeffer Incorporated.
We’re gonna do it!”

Things We Know About The Buffalo Bills This Week:

  • NFL insider John Clayton chimed in on the J.J. Watt landing spot. “I think it’s going to be Tennessee, Buffalo, or Green Bay. Probably more Tennessee or Green Bay.”
  • Former Bills tight end Lonnie Johnson coached Gabriel Davis in high school. I would suggest that Johnson must be so very much better at coaching than he was at blocking, getting open, or catching the ball. Just saying…
  • Zack Moss is participating in Zoom calls as a Reward/Prize for those that win in a contest of students in grades 6 through 12 at Buffalo public and charter schools.

I am semi-retired leaving my enjoyable 24 year management career due to multiple health issues. My dad retired from The Buffalo News after 49 years. I have been an avid fan for quite some time. Got that Marv Levy Fight Song In My Head for absolutely no reason.