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Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills: Things We Know This Week

Northern Michigan University (Marquette) Men’s NCAA Ice Hockey Champions 1991



The Bills have only recorded 13 wins twice prior to the 2020 successful season. We would have to go back to both the 1990 and 1991 seasons. Yeah, the Almost-A-Dynasty Teams again. In past weeks, we would go back and check out some interesting events of those times. Wait, this just in. Breaking news! We are going for a little tour back to those years of the first two Super Bowl seasons. I am rather tired of time machines or waiving arms and making noises as if Wayne and Garth were entering R.E.M. Not sure how else to pull this off. Maybe something like “GO GO GADGET EARLY 90s!” How about “Wonder Twin Powers Activate! Form of a DeLorean Hot Tub phone booth!”

“Shazam! Salagadoola mechicka boola
Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo.Bazinga.Na-Nu, Na-Nu Schwing..Yada Yada Yada Yabba Dabba Doo, Bang Zoom, straight to the moon.” In the words of Yukon Cornelius: “NOTHING!

I cannot twitch my nose. Wait. This does nothing for my reputation, but I am clicking the heels of my glass slippers together at the moment? “There’s no place like the early ’90s. There’s no place like 90 & 91.”

***The Northern Michigan University Wildcats win the NCAA Hockey Championship.

Wildcats of Northern, we’re behind you in this game
We’re the Wildcats of Northern. Do your best to win acclaim! Fight for the green and gold!

“Someday, somebody’s gonna make you want to turn around and say, goodbye. Until then, baby, are you going to let them hold you down and make you cry Don’t you know? Don’t you know things can change? Things will go your way if you hold on for one more day. Can you hold on for one more day? Things’ll go your way. Hold on for one more day.”

“With the lights out, it’s less dangerous. Here we are now; entertain us. I feel stupid and contagious. Here we are now; entertain us.”

“You, you got what I need, but you say he’s just a friend
And you say he’s just a friend, oh baby
You, you got what I need, but you say he’s just a friend …”

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air and Blossom debuted on television. If you are not gonna be home, make sure to set the VCR. No streaming available for some reason.

Dissolution of the Soviet Union.

Gallon of Gas: $1.12. Ay caramba!

Iraq invades Kuwait, eventually leading to the Gulf War.

The Silence Of The Lambs is released on Valentine’s Day, 1991. Great date movie.

“You’re cold because all of the blood is running out of your body, Roach. You’re gonna be dead soon. I hope it was worth it.” – Johnny Utah

“If I wanted to kill my husband, I’d do it, and I wouldn’t get caught.” –Wednesday Adams

The Buffalo Bills go to two of the four Super Bowls following back to back 13-3 seasons.

National League expansion plans had Buffalo as a finalist to get a Major league team. In June of 1991, the announcement was made that Miami and Denver were awarded the two new franchises. This was a very disappointing time, as, in the early stages, it appeared Buffalo was going to pull this off. The saving grace of this sad tale is that baseball is not one of my favorite sports, so everything turned out ok.

“All I ever wanted, all I ever needed, is here in my arms. Words are very unnecessary. They can only do harm.
Enjoy the silence.”

“Alright, stop! Collaborate and listen!” … OK. OK. Time to Digress fashionably with a tad of dignity.

Things we know about the Buffalo Bills this week:

  • The Second Seed AFC Buffalo Bills (13-3) play the Indianapolis Colts (11-5)–as if you did not know this being out of touch from reality hiding out in a Delaware Basement. Come on man! Play the radio. Make sure the television… Make sure you have the record player on at night.
  • No Peyton Manning. No Andrew Luck. Indy sure rebounds swiftly. Have they never heard of the 17-year playoff drought and QB search rebuild method?
  • Bills sign Kenny Stills and Tanner Gentry to the practice squad
  • Tyler Kroft has been activated from the Reserve/COVID-19 list.

I am semi-retired leaving my enjoyable 24 year management career due to multiple health issues. My dad retired from The Buffalo News after 49 years. I have been an avid fan for quite some time. Got that Marv Levy Fight Song In My Head for absolutely no reason.