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Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills: Things We Know This Week



The appeal for another encore presentation of recent articles glancing back in history has been vigorous. Rumor has it that about ten people read my articles weekly. Pretty impressive? Not too shabby considering my wife, sister, and mother are only 30 percent of my audience. Kind of a BIG-DEAL? HUH? Some requested Rufus to provide a phone booth while others wanted the relaxation of a quantum leaping Hot Tub. I thought a DeLorean using the Flux Capacitor would be sufficient. One suggestion was to gallivant with the Ghost of Christmas Past. Seven out of ten of my regular readers voted in favor to migrate back in time once again. The folks against this had the early lead of 3-0, which was misleading. Somehow, when I went to bed, seven votes were found in my favor by morning sealing the landslide win… Imagine that? Nothing to see here.

What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s a-happenin’
What’s the buzz? Tell me what’s a-happenin’

Movie Tickets: $3.50

Winter Olympics: Calgary

Box OFFICE : A Fish Called Wanda Diehard Rain Man Big Twins

North, Poindexter, Secord, and Hakim indicted for their involvement in Iran-Contra affair.

DEPECHE MODE – Route 66 THE CHURCH – Under The Milkyway
U2 –
Desire TRACY CHAPMAN – Fast Car
Need You Tonight/Mediate THE CURE – Just Like Heaven
UB40 – Red Red Wine MEN WITHOUT HATS – Pop Goes The World
ERASURE – Chains of Love PSYCHEDELIC FURS – All That Money Wants
INFORMATION SOCIETY – What’s On Your Mind 10,000 MANIACS – What’s The Matter Here
JANE’S ADDICTION – Jane Says OMD – Dreaming
Beds Are Burning LOVE & ROCKETS – Mirror People
Peek-A-Boo PET SHOP BOYS – Domino Dancing
Blue Monday 1988 ALPHAVILLE – Forever Young

“Fascinating! Semmi, look at this! America is great indeed. Imagine a country so free, one can throw glass on the streets.” – Prince Akeem

“It’s the same old story. Boy finds girl, boy loses girl, girl finds boy, boy forgets girl, boy remembers girl, girls dies in a tragic blimp accident over the Orange Bowl on New Year’s Day.” – Frank Drebin

“I’m the ghost with the most, babe.” – Beetlejuice

“We’re gonna need champagne for 250 people, and send the stuff that you send to me. Don’t send the stuff that I send to other people.” – Frank Cross

Gallon of gas: 91 cents

President – Ronald Reagan Vice President – George H.W. Bush

Rush Limbaugh began his conservative talk radio show.

Top TV show – The Cosby Show

The first Walmart Supercenter opened in Washington, Missouri. It combined general merchandise with a full-scale supermarket to provide a “one-stop shopping convenience”.

You know the drill from previous weeks. We were taking a look at the year, 1988, the last time the Buffalo bills had an 11-3 record after 14 games. The current Bills are in good company with that beginning of the ALMOST-A-DYNASTY-TEAM from the late ’80s and ’90s. Just saying…

Things we know about the Buffalo Bills this week:

  • Merry Christmas. With a victory Saturday against Denver, Buffalo clinched a playoff berth for the third time in four seasons. Impressed? Well, they are also AFC East Champions for the first time since 1995. Josh Allen was not even born yet when Buffalo last won the division title. Long overdue.
  • The Bills are in the top three NFL Power Rankings. Giddyup
  • Governor Cuomo says that if there’s a “smart, science-based way” to open Bills Stadium to fans, he’ll do it. He would love nothing more than to allow Bills fans and Buffalonians to enjoy the moment, as it’s an exciting time to be a Bills fan. “They have hung in there, and it’s fun hanging in a bar with you. I’m going to be curious to see where we are when the Bills are in the playoffs. If they get a bye, it will be in the middle of January. There are stadiums that have allowed people, but it depends on the situation in Buffalo.”
  • “I’d be surprised if Josh doesn’t break all my records. Then, after he continues to grow, he’ll start breaking his own records.”- Jim Kelly

I am semi-retired leaving my enjoyable 24 year management career due to multiple health issues. My dad retired from The Buffalo News after 49 years. I have been an avid fan for quite some time. Got that Marv Levy Fight Song In My Head for absolutely no reason.