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Buffalo Bills Super Smart Football: Week Four



What a start to the 2021 NFL season for the Buffalo Bills. After an unfortunate loss to the Steelers in week one, the Bills bounced back in week two with a 35-point blowout against the Miami Dolphins. Despite the victory, which placed us in first place in the AFC East, Bills fans were still worried about the absence of our MVP-caliber quarterback from the year before. But after the 43-21 win over the Washington Football Team from Washington (You know, THAT Football Team) all seems to be right in New York. Unless you’re a New York fan in New Jersey.

The Buffalo Bills Offense is BACK!

Josh Allen? BACK. The Bills defense? STILL BACK. Emmanuel Sanders? BACK. Cole Beasley? VAX uhh, I mean, back. Sorry. I was thinking two different things there. That’s right, folks. This Bills offense put on a show. Josh Allen threw for over 350 yards, four touchdowns, and ran for one more. Despite a couple minutes where we let a 21-point lead become a seven-point lead this defense looked great.

Trubisky Fans Get What They Want

Leading up to the game, Josh Allen’s less-than-elite play had some fans calling for him to be benched and for backup quarterback Mitchell Trubisky to be given a shot. I like to call these people “not smart”. However, those people finally got what they wanted. Despite Allen’s strong performance, McDermott decided to bench him and see what The Trubiscuit could do. And boy did Trubisky do… things. Not a lot of things. Not a lot of great things. But things indeed. He’s definitely the second-best quarterback on this team. [Interesting note: Trubisky fans are also called “Biscuit Sluts”].

The Bills Defense

Taylor Heinicke better not hold his breath for that Heineken endorsement after Sunday’s loss. Hell, Bud Light is most likely off the table. (Their taste is a perfect representation for the Football Team’s performance on Sunday.) After the loss to the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game earlier this year, there were a lot of knocks against Leslie Frazier. Some people called his defense “vanilla”, which is like the opposite of racist because he’s not white. (But, because of that, I think it is racist.)

But this defense, or “D” as us sexaholics like to say, is looking fantastic this season. Outside of one play where running back Antonio caught a pass and took it to the house for a 70-plus yard play, the WFT offense did not have much to be happy about. Also, I’m hearing the only reason that play worked out is because the Bills defense was coming off of their crystal meth high.

What’s Next?

The Buffalo Bills face off against the Houston Texans this Sunday at 1pm Eastern at “Oh Highmark” Stadium. The Texans quarterback? Davis Mills (AKA Generic White Guy #7). Once again, Tyrod is down due to bad luck. Outside of Mills and Phillip Lindsey, I cannot tell you who else is on this team. Oh wait, Laremy Tunsil. Remember that trade?? Glad that worked out. David Culley has struck fear into the hearts of Bills fans by saying that they were going to open up the offense more for Mills this week. Which is expected because why the hell would you say anything else??

For a more comprehensive breakdown of the game, check out the Process On Tap podcast featuring myself and Hansel (@UberHansen). Premiering this Saturday on your preferred podcast app. Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you next week!