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Buffalo Bills Stadium Review: SoFi Stadium

With a new stadium on the horizon for the Buffalo Bills, there is a lot that can be learned from what was seen in SoFi Stadium.



I recently highlighted the history of Bills Stadium. As well as all of the renovations that have taken place over the past four decades of the stadium’s existence. Over the coming weeks, I’m going to take a deep dive into the newer stadiums around the league. I’m going to explain the history, what makes them unique, and how they relate to a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills. This week’s stadium review is the home of the Las Angeles Rams and Chargers: SoFi Stadium.

A Brief History of SoFi Stadium

Construction of SoFi Stadium started in 2016, and due to heavy rainfall in 2017, the timeline for the project to be completed was delayed. While the stadium was under construction, the Rams played at the Los Angeles Coliseum and the Chargers played at the StubHub Center.

SoFi, an online finance company, purchased the naming rights to the stadium in 2019 for $30 million annually. The Los Angeles Rams played the first NFL game at SoFi Stadium on September 13, 2020. The next week, the Chargers played their first game at Sofi Stadium. The total cost of the stadium $5 Billion and was completed on September 8, 2020.

What Makes it Unique 

SoFi Stadium is very unique compared to other NFL stadiums. Some of the features unique to SoFi Stadium include a 2.5-acre plaza with a 6,000 seat open-air performing arts venue. As well as a lake with waterfalls and landscaping that is native to the Southern California climate.

The stadium also has a canopy roof which is not enclosed, as it made of translucent glass allowing natural light into the stadium. Panels at both ends of the stadium can be opened or closed to allow fresh air in.

SoFi Stadium has a seating capacity of 70,000, which includes an impressive 260 luxury suites. One of the most unique seating areas at SoFi Stadium are the cabanas, which are a field-level beach club behind one of the end zones. There is also a massive video board above the playing field, which is a two-sided, oval shape video board that hangs from the roof of the stadium.

What the Bills Could Make of SoFi Stadium 

SoFi Stadium is an incredibly impressive facility, and one that the NFL was more than happy to see built. This is especially true when in comparison to the Rams and Chargers’ old stadiums in the greater Los Angeles area. It features some very impressive features that could potentially be seen in a new stadium for the Bills.

The biggest feature that could find its way to Western New York could be the open panel windows. This is a similar feature to what was seen at Allegiant Stadium. Natural sunlight and open-air have been a big trend for new indoor stadiums in the NFL, and SoFi stadium is no different. The natural lights and open-air abilities allow for a versatile experience for fans and players. This allows for the best weather to be utilized while keeping everyone warm in the winter.

Time will tell on what the Bills do with their stadium. We can a little from SoFi Stadium and what made this stadium special. Next week I’ll be taking a deep look into the home of the Colts, Lucas Oil Stadium.