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Buffalo Bills Stadium Review: MetLife Stadium

With a new stadium on the horizon for the Buffalo Bills, there is a lot that can be learned from what was seen in MetLife Stadium.



I recently highlighted the history of Bills Stadium as well as all of the renovations that have taken place over the past four decades. Over the coming weeks, I will take a deep dive into the newer stadiums around the league. I’m going to explain the history, what makes them unique, and how they relate to a new stadium for the Buffalo Bills. This week’s stadium review and the final stadium I’ll be reviewing is the home of the New York Jets and Giants: MetLife Stadium.

A Brief History of MetLife Stadium

MetLife Stadium opened in April of 2010. It cost $1.6 Billion and is widely considered the number one stadium in the world. The stadium seats 82,500, making it one of the largest in the National Football League. The 2.1 million square foot facility was constructed with a neutral backdrop, allowing the Stadium to transform into a home field for college or professional football.

Everything in the building was designed with transformation in mind. All team-specific elements are changed to reflect the home team each and every week of the NFL season. This includes the removable end zones, the flagpole banners and signs, the exterior uplighting, and the flagship team store. All are transformed from Jets Green to Giants Blue and back again.

What Makes it Unique 

MetLife Stadium has two main selling points and features that set the stadium apart: luxury seating and their jumbo-trons.

MetLife Stadium offers a variety of luxury seats, with something to offer for almost any game-day experience. The stadium features a multitude of club sections as well as the EY Coaches Club for sideline seats.

More impressively, the stadium also has four massive 30’x 118’ HD video display boards, one in each corner of the stadium. According to many who have visited the stadium, these scoreboards are among the best in the NFL.

What the Bills Could Make of MetLife Stadium 

There is not too much to take out of MetLife stadium. Luxury seating is becoming very important for new stadiums. This is something the Bills should consider as Bills Stadium has very little luxury seating. Outside of this small addition, MetLife Stadium has some technological features similar to other stadiums like concession lines and maps of the stadium.

Only time will tell what the Bills do with their stadium. We can learn a little from MetLife Stadium and what made this stadium special. What do you think? Is MetLife Stadium a good starting point for the Bills?

Next week will be the final review as I’ll recap all the different stadiums I’ve looked at in this series.