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Buffalo Bills Scouting Report: David Ojabo, EDGE

The Buffalo Bills need reinforcements on their defensive line. David Ojabo from Michigan may be the player the Bills are missing.



David Ojabo

After watching the way Frank Clark and Chris Jones got into Josh Allen’s face during the Divisional Round, it became clear that the O-Line is important. However, an elite edge rusher is something the Buffalo Bills need even more. Mahomes was given way too much time to make plays and looked far too comfortable in the pocket. The Bills did get pressure, but not nearly enough. As such, I would love to see the Bills draft an edge rusher in the first round. Admittedly, it hasn’t worked in the past and there’s a chance he’s not still on the board at 25. But, damn, am I excited about David Ojabo. Not just because he’s British.


Height: 6’5″

Weight: 250 lbs

Wingspan: n/a


Ojabo, a sophomore out of Michigan, climbed the draft boards after an impressive 2021 season: 35 total tackles and 11 sacks and 23 QB hurries. For a guy who only picked up football four years ago, he made heads turn.

His physical attributes set him apart from the rest of class. He’s on the smaller side, but he makes up for it with his speed. A former track star, Obajo is explosive off the snap with incredible strength. He can quickly chase down any player.

Most importantly though, he can get to the QB. The biggest issue with the Bills is getting past that O-Line. A few games during the season saw the Bills rack up multiple sacks and pressures, only against teams with questionable QB protection. Facing a good OL and an elite QB though? The Bills struggled.

This is where Ojabo will shine. His speed and strength coupled with his length makes getting to the QB easy. He makes tackling a passer look easy.


However, Ojabo has very little experience playing football. He never got into the sport until 2017, and the following school year got recruited by Michigan. His time at college saw him play only one full season, where he thoroughly impressed.

But this little exposure is obvious when playing. He hasn’t mastered the techniques required at his position. The few moves he has in his arsenal are fairly green, many times they only work because of the tackle he’s facing. There is no consistency in his ability.

This is more obvious when he’s defending against the run. This inexperience makes him a risky draft pick because he could just as easily become a bust.

So, why does he belong on the Bills?

David Ojabo showed he has the raw talent in first full year at college. He can become great under the tutelage of Leslie Frazier and Eric Washington, the best part is that it won’t take him long to get there.

Again, although risky, in this case it might just be worth it. If it works out in the Bills’ favour they’ve got themselves a very reliable edge rusher. One who can give them exactly what they’ve been missing on defence.

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