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Buffalo Bills Schedule: Three Possible Prime Time Opponents




Primetime in 2019 for the Buffalo Bills? While it is unlikely that they will host it another one until they make the playoffs again; however you never know because three opponents would make all the sense in the world.

The first team that seems the most likely is the Cleveland Browns as both teams have a second-year quarterback in Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen with franchises on with their trajectory pointing upward for the foreseeable future. Besides their highly marketed quarterbacks, both teams also have a young and upcoming defense who will create fits for opposing teams. These two franchises deserve another primetime game much sooner than later, even though the Browns have beaten the Bills the last two games in primetime.

The next team is a division rival, in the New York Jets who also has Sam Darnold as an upcoming second-year quarterback as well. Both teams split the divisional series last year, with winning at each other’s respected stadiums. It could also show who is the heir apparent to take over the dominance of the AFC East for the future, once Tom Brady retires from the New England Patriots.

Speaking of the New England Patriots, they are the third team that the Bills could play in primetime as they are reigning, defending Super Bowl Champions. Also with the possibility of it being Tom Brady’s last season, they might want to showcase him as much as possible under the bright lights. Even in last year’s Monday Night Football matchup, the Bills’ defense held their own and made the Patriots offense look suddenly human for the majority of the game. Also, Josh Allen was not playing in this game due to injury and Derek Anderson was starting in place of him.

All and all, it will be interesting to see if a primetime game will be on the Buffalo Bills’ 2019 schedule and if it does happen, does the team host it or do they go in the road?