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Buffalo Bills Rookie Zack Moss Adds Even More Value to the Team Then Fans Realize

New Bills rookie Zack Moss is a talented back that will be a valuable asset to the team. However, he provides a ton of extra, under the radar value that might be going unnoticed.



Ability to Command a Three-Down Role

Zack Moss showed at Utah he could easily handle a large workload with two seasons carrying the ball over 200 times. But the main focus here is that he has shown the ability to also be on the field in third down situations where he can pass block or catch passes. His Sophomore year he caught 29 passes and then in his Senior season caught 28. His last year he compiled an impressive 13.9 yards per reception for 388 receiving yards whereas in his Sophomore season he only had 8.4 yards per reception and 243 yards. He could easily take on the lions share of the workload if Devin Singletary were to get injured again somehow.

In addition, the stats aren’t extremely convincing but he ranked 147th out of 349 FBS running backs in pass blocking last season according to a RotoWorld article. He ranked 298th out of 349 in total pass blocking opportunities so he wasn’t asked to do it much, but his top half grade and large 225 pound frame suggests he could be a good pass blocker as well. Moss can really help Josh Allen work more towards check downs instead of pushing danger plays and could also be a solid blocker for him too. Moss provides exceptional value on third downs in addition to his early down prowess.

Short Yardage Asset

Devin Singletary is 200 pounds. Argue if you wish, but 200 pounds is below the 215 pound average for the NFL and rushing a 5’7″ 200 pound back straight into crowded areas for short yardage isn’t ideal. According to a 2018 study by Football Outsiders, running backs are the position in the NFL most susceptible to injury. Also, running backs under 210 pounds are at a high risk of injury. Obviously there are outliers, and Singletary had a great season as a rookie, but it would still be smarter to let Moss handle these situations. Moss’s 225 pound frame is more suitable to handle more short-yardage situations and more hits. Moss could be the guy converting first downs and punching in touchdowns.

Singletary received only one goal-line carry last season while Frank Gore received 11, 8th most in the NFL. This head-scratching stat could be evidence that Brian Daboll might not want to run Singletary into the trenches too much and that the Bills need a bigger back to handle these situations. In addition, Singletary only had two total carries inside the five yard line, three inside the ten yard line, and 18 inside the 20 yard line/redzone. Zack Moss should immediately take this role over going forwards.

Saves Josh Allen from Taking Hits and Running

The most important extra factor Zack Moss brings to the table comes last, so listen up. Time and time again Bills fans shouted in anger at Brian Daboll for constantly calling designed runs for Josh Allen. Continuously running a franchise quarterback straight into defenses will eventually lead to injury, and that is unacceptable. Allen had five carries inside the five yard line, 11 inside the ten, and 21 inside the red zone which are some of the highest QB numbers in the NFL for those stats. He was also 2nd in the NFL for quarterbacks in total carries. Yes, he’s good at it, and yes he has the frame, but there’s no reason to intentionally call designed runs and put him in harm’s way anymore knowing the franchise rests in his hands.

Zack Moss will dominate the short-yardage situations and goal-line scenarios, taking a huge burden off of Josh Allen going forwards. With Gore ineffective in 2019 and Singletary not being given those carries, Allen basically had to be the short-yardage back for the Bills last season. Zack Moss will add years to Allen’s career by freeing him from taking hits and damage. No longer will the Bills have to design runs for Allen and put him into harm’s ways when Moss can do the dirty work in the trenches. This is Moss’s most valuable asset to the Buffalo Bills going forwards.

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