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Bills vs Chiefs Week 6 Injury Report



Good morning, Week 6!

Stretching your mind, thighs, and souls, here is your Buffalo Bills pregame injury primer:


CB Tre’Davious White: So maybe Tre really is dealing with some type of ‘back’ injury.  He played 100% of snaps in week four but never made it out to practice for week five vs Tennessee.  Rumors circulated that he may have been uncomfortable with the COVID situation, but those were never confirmed.  His wife tweeted out a message in an attempt to debunk this rumor, and the Buffalo Bills beat reported Marcel Louis-Jaques re-tweeted Diana Russini stating, Tre’ was on the field pregame to try and warm up.  However, no visual proof was provided.  However, Coach McDermott said in the postgame interview that Tre was NOT on the field trying to warm up during pregame when asked. Hmmm?

If you’re following this closely, there is definitely room for speculation.  Regardless, Tre’ looked smooth in practice this week. We saw footage from practice with him guarding Diggs in one-on-ones, and he looked to be having fun on the field with no apparent limitations.  There was a little scare he was in a back brace at one point, but it was found to be a GPS tracking device called, Catapult.  Tre’ finished the week with back to back days as FULL participation, and I have no qualms about him playing this Monday.

Prediction: ACTIVE

LB Matt Milano:  Matt suffered a pectoral strain in week four vs the Raiders.  He was out of the lineup last week but was able to get back on the practice field with limited participation, sandwiched around a FULL participation at Friday’s practice.  It appears Milano is close to returning. However, there was footage of practice with him favoring his injured arm while hitting the tackling sled. 

The safe call would be to hold Milano out another week or two. However, I’m sure there is pressure to play this week for a multitude of reasons.  Milano was wearing a harness in practice, but that won’t provide a great deal of prevention of re-injury when tackling.  I think the fact that he was favoring the arm midweek is proof that he still isn’t 100% ready.  Pectoral strains usually take about four weeks to recover, but we’ve seen players return in 2-3 weeks in the NFL.  My gut is telling me he sits out, but my heart is telling me he wants to go cover Travis Kelce and secure his bag $.  I think he’s active and plays in sub-package passing downs to try and limit his exposure!

Prediction: ACTIVE

WR John Brown: We saw him on the injury report with ‘foot’ two weeks ago, then he left week three early and was limited in practice the following week with ‘calf’.  Brown then played week four and was back on the injury report after the game with a ‘calf’ again.  Video surfaced of him pulling up in practice in the lead up to the Titans’ game, which would leave one to believe this is a textbook re-strain of a calf muscle.  However, surprise, he’s ‘limited’ for a ‘knee’ the next day?  Brown missed the Titans’ game, then this week of practice he was a FULL participant on Thur/Fri.  However, he was downgraded to ‘limited’ on Saturday.  He could have had another tweak, or the team just wanted to give him a little rest.  Basically, a mild strain would take 2-4 weeks, so Brown is on the cusp.  I have a feeling if he plays, we will see him with a lower than usual snap count.  Hopefully, he’s in there enough to make an impact on the game.

Prediction: ACTIVE

G Quinton Spain:  Spain was not on the injury report last week, but reports said his ‘foot’ injury held him out of the game.  Quinton was getting some rest during camp for his foot I believe.  I’m sure he is dealing with some type of soft tissue ailment that is chronic in nature; it could span from a ligament issue, tendonitis, or a plantar fascia problem.  Quinton went from FULL participation, to limited, and then eventually a DNP on Saturday.  I would assume this trajectory means he is not tolerating football activities well at this time, and for that reason, he will be resting another week for now.

Prediction: INACTIVE


QB Josh Allen:  Allen is listed on the report for his ‘shoulder’.  It was sustained in week four, but he never missed a play.  I still believe it is an AC joint sprain.  He is wearing a support for it, and it has no effect on his throwing, as it is his left shoulder.  However, beware of the consequences of the impact on this shoulder when being tackled. This is most likely the reason for the lack of designed runs lately.

LB Tremaine Edmunds:  Tremaine is still on the injury report for his ‘shoulder’ as well.  He sustained an AC joint sprain in week one vs the Jets.  Tremaine missed week two but had a shaky return in week three.  He has looked better over the past few weeks and should continue to improve.  He most likely had a high grade two AC joint sprain, and these will be painful to thud pads for a few more weeks.  Tremaine is also wearing a brace similar to Josh Allen.  He had a limited practice midweek and was in a non-contact jersey.  This is just to limit the pounding in practice, and he will be flying around in the Chiefs’ game.

RB Zack Moss:  Listed as a ‘toe’.  This has to be a turf toe injury.  Zack has missed the past three games.  He was able to practice in FULL all week and will be active this week.  Zack does have a previous toe injury in college, so he may need one more week.  This injury will hurt him a lot to push off and pivot.  These can get tricky, causing recurrent symptoms throughout the season.  


TE Dawson Knox:  Dawson exited last week’s game with a ‘calf’ injury.  Soft tissue injuries are not all the same, and calf injuries are tricky.  They are tough because they can commonly feel better in two weeks and then easily be re-injured.  His timeline is 2-6 weeks. I have a feeling he will be on track to return in another 1-2 weeks.

Added to IR

LB Del’Shawn Phillips: Thigh injuries are my kind of injuries, and Phillips has been out since week one.  Like all muscle strains, this is listed as a ‘quad’ and a 2-6 week timeline is the norm.  He was a FULL participant in practice all week leading up to the Titans game, but then surprisingly landed on the IR. He is going to be out another three weeks, and I believe the team saw he just isn’t back up to full speed.  Thighs are everything, and for that reason, he needs more rest. 

Activated from IR

G Jon Feliciano:  Jon had a pectoral surgery right as camp started.  Although, in my opinion, it is odd to show up to camp with a torn pectoral muscle, Jon was probably doing his best to train hard for the season, and it was an unfortunate consequence.  At this time, he is 11 weeks post-surgery.  He has one more week to be activated to the roster.  JJ Watt and Kwon Alexander came back in limited roles for the playoffs last year at 9/10 weeks post op.  When Jon returns, he will likely find himself in a support role for his first month back if the team wants to play it conservatively.  He also can be put back on the IR for a three week stint.