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Buffalo Bills Pregame Injury Report: Week 4



Good morning, Week 4!

Stretching your mind, thighs, and souls, here is your Buffalo Bills pregame injury primer.


RB Zack Moss:  He is listed as a ‘toe’.  This has to be a turf toe injury, which will hurt him a lot to push off and pivot. These can get tricky and cause recurrent symptoms throughout the season.  He was ‘limited’ all week, so it looks like he is very close to returning.  There was no mention of him in a walking boot since he sustained the injury in week 1, so we are looking at a grade 1 to low-grade 2 sprain.  Players will usually miss 1 to 2 games for this level of injury.  I think the lack of full participation leads Bills’ to rest him one more week.  If he does play, I’d expect a limited role.

Prediction: OUT

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DE Mario Addison: This was a surprise addition to the injury report on Friday with a DNP due to a ‘knee’ injury.  Mario was not on the injury report at all on Wednesday and Thursday.  I’m unsure if he sustained some type of new injury in practice, but there have been no reports.  Mario exited the game against the Rams briefly but did return to action.  He is a veteran, and I’m guessing he has some wear and tear in the knee.  However, I’m going on a hunch here and thinking the team wanted to get him an extra day of rest and suit him up.  I mean, he is on IG posting his ‘Sunday Swag’ cleats. 

Prediction: ACTIVE


LB Del’Shawn Phillips: He has a ‘quad’ injury, a personal favorite of mine.  Like all muscle strains, a 2-6 week timeline is the norm.  The fact he wasn’t put on injured reserve right away, to me, means it’s a grade 2.  He’s looking at another 1-2 weeks out, I would assume, as he had ‘limited’ participation on Thursday and Friday’s practices.


DT Ed Oliver: His knee injury was from a mild hyperextension during week 2.  He came off but returned and played week 3 in full.  Reports have been that it is a ‘bruise’, so it’s probably a bone bruise from the hyperextension injury.  Honestly, he is lucky he didn’t tear his ACL, but the bruise can cause swelling, pain, and decreased strength.  Oliver was spotted with a bandage on his knee, which would indicate he had to have it drained.  He went from ‘limited’ on Tuesday, to ‘DNP’ on Wednesday (drained), and then ‘full’ on Friday.   The length of time this will linger is widely variable, but in general, will take 2-6 weeks to clear up.  

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WR John Brown: We saw him on the injury report with ‘foot’ last week, which raises an eyebrow for a potential 5th MET injury, plantar fascia, Achilles’, or midfoot sprain.  I believe he was getting rest throughout camp, so it may be something chronic in nature.  Last week against the Rams, he exited the game, but stayed on the sideline, and landed on the report for a ‘calf’ injury.  Footage of practice Friday showed him running routes sharply at full speed, so he appears fine for now.  I’m a little wary he is going to have some trouble all year with his lower leg.  He went from DNP on Tuesday, to ‘full’ practice on Friday.

LB Tremaine Edmunds:  After injuring his ‘shoulder’ in week 1 and missing week 2, Edmunds found his way back to the field last game vs the Rams.  He did not look great. He still looked injured, and nothing made that more evident than his missed tackle at the goal line on 3rd down from the 1 yard line vs Darrell Henderson Jr., which gave up the lead in the 4th quarter.  Henderson ran right through an arm tackle on Edmunds’ injured shoulder.  Fortunately, it was good to see Edmunds practicing in full on Thur/Fri.  He was playing with a harness to support his AC joint.  This will take about 4-6 weeks to fully recover from time of injury, as it is likely a grade 2 sprain.  

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T Dion Dawkins:  Speaking of AC joint injuries, it looks like Dion sustained one as well in week 3.  He was tripped up late in the 4th quarter and fell onto the top of his shoulder.  He left the game and did not return, but it was the last drive.  He also did not leave the sideline.  He was listed as DNP and limited early in the week but ‘full’ on Friday.  Looks like this was a grade 1 sprain, and Dion should be fine.

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TE Dawson Knox: ‘concussion’.  Dawson was ‘full’ participant in practice all week.  He has fully cleared the concussion protocol and will be back in action this week.

S Micah Hyde:  Micah is listed with an ‘ankle’ injury.  In week 3, he came off the field in the second half but returned.  He appeared to twist his ankle during a blitz.  He should be fine, as he was a ‘full’ participant on Friday.

DT Quinton Jefferson: Quinton was listed for a ‘foot’ injury, did not participate in practice on Tuesday, but was listed as ‘full’ for the rest of the week, so there’s not much to worry about here.  He played the whole game week 3.