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Buffalo Bills Pregame Injury Report: Week 3



Good morning, Week 3! Stretching your mind, thighs, and souls, here is your Buffalo Bills pregame injury primer!

LB Tremaine Edmunds 

Calling it a ‘shoulder injury’, Tremaine missed Week two action.  No word on the exact injury, but one would believe this is an AC Joint sprain based on the mechanism of injury, in which he fell on the point of his shoulder during a missed tackle on Jamison Crowder’s 69-yard screen pass turned TD.  If we’re looking at an AC joint sprain, also called a ‘separated shoulder’, Tremaine most likely has a grade two, and it hurts.  Impact on taking on blocks, tackling, and just hitting the ground will aggravate this injury.  He’s probably close here, or else he wouldn’t have been out at practice.  The non-contact jersey all week was just decreasing his pitch count all week and my guess is he suits up.  Emmitt Smith did run the table in the playoffs with this injury (and inevitably the Buffalo Bills) in 1993-94 playoffs.  So at the end of the season, I don’t think we have this same questionability for Tremaine with this injury, but if the team and Tremaine decide to squeeze another week of healing in, it would make sense.

Prediction: ACTIVE

UPDATE: It looks like Edmunds is in for the Rams game.

LB Matt Milano 

Does the team make a decision based on Edmunds’ status?  Does Milano have extra incentive to play in a contract year? Does the team go conservative with Edmunds based on intent to extend him, but aggressively play Milano because they know he’s walking?  Or do we play them both, All-in right here right now? This is an intriguing drama right now. Keeping it to injuries, two weeks is on the early end of return to play from a ‘hamstring’ strain.  Hopefully, this is a grade one injury with good vascularity at the injury site, virtually healed up, and he truly is good to go.  However, another close call here where you can’t blame them if this had another week to rest.  Singletary missed four weeks (3+bye) for his strain last year. They usually take 2-6 weeks.  Call me a homer, but I think they both play, and make plays baby!

Prediction: ACTIVE

UPDATE: It looks like Milano is also in for the Rams game.

CB Taron Johnson 

Taron coming up as questionable with a ‘groin’ injury this week.  Now, when the ‘groin’ pops up and I don’t know where it came from, this makes me think deeply. A surprise addition to the injury report this week, with an unknown injury in the game, makes me wonder.  A groin muscle strain would have been abrupt and he likely would’ve missed a game or two.  I think the truth behind the covers is a sports hernia or a hip impingement.  I bet it’s something that nags him all year and needs surgery in the offseason but plays all year for the most part.  That’s my opinion based on emotion.  Anyways, he’s suiting up this week at least, and I see a W.

Prediction: ACTIVE

Out for Week Three: 

RB Zach Moss: Listed as a ‘toe’, this has to be a turf toe injury. It will hurt him a lot to push off and pivot.  These can linger, and it’s a toss-up how long we’re looking at here.  He was DNP all week but wasn’t thrown onto the IR yet, so hopefully mild in nature and he may only miss 1-2 more weeks.  These can get tricky, flare up, and eventually lead to shutting down one’s season.

TE Dawson Knox: ‘Concussion’.  Haven’t seen the hit, to be honest.  I wonder if he got rung up initially when he had the fumble during the power outage.  Another DNP all week.  These days teams are more conservative and have a protocol for return to play from a concussion.  He will have to ramp up, so if we see Limited and Full by end of week on the report, he’ll be fine.

LB Del’Shawn Phillips: ‘Quad’ injury, a personal favorite.  Like all muscle strains, a 2-6 week timeline is the norm, but he had the injury the same game as Milano, but Phillips was DNP all week.  The fact he wasn’t on the IR right away, to me, means it’s a grade two. It’s not terrible, but it’s still very sore.  He’s looking at another 1-3 weeks out I would assume.

Reported injuries for Week Three:

WR Cole Beasley: ‘hip and thumb’.  Not sure on the hip, bad contusion maybe or something chronic, but the thumb with no question is a sprain.  I’m sure it’s mild, but it stings when the thumb gets jarred back, for instance with a Josh Allen fireball.  He’s already listed as playing, but lookout for a drop or an aggravation. 

WR John Brown: When you see a WR with ‘foot’, you’ve got to be worried about a 5th MET injury.  The fact he’s practicing Full at the end of the week, it’s nothing right now.  Maybe a stress reaction, but not a Sammy Watkins’ level injury, yet.

DT Ed Oliver: I believe his knee injury was from a small hyperextension during the game. He got rolled up on.  He came off but returned.  Mild knee capsule sprain, I’d call it.  I’m sure it was sore after the game, needed extra rest during week and probably feels a little bit weaker and puffy, but he’s ready to go.

Make sure to stay tuned to our Twitter feed, @BfloFanatics, for more updates! Have a great game day, and Go Bills!