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Buffalo Bills Predictions – Week 3



So, last week was fun. It seems some, not all, of the Buffalo Bills’ glaring problems that presented themselves vs the Steelers were addressed in the Dolphins matchup.

But this week might just be the confidence boost that the Bills need to get back on track as the Super Bowl-caliber team they were last season. The team with no name is coming to town.

Previously on Bills vs WFT (Week 9, 2019):

The last time Washington played Buffalo was at home, in 2019. Back when they actually did have a name. The Bills came away with a 24-9 win, bringing them to 6-2 on the season. A good sign for Sunday’s upcoming game.

Prediction #1: The Run Game

Back in 2019, Singletary was in his rookie season and rushed for 95 yards and a TD. He’ll do something similar this time around, especially with him being back in his first-year form. Zack Moss also impressed last week with his 2 TDs, one of which came from an epic Angry Run. These Bills backs show grit and determination like no other.

Singletary will start, ripping off those long runs, but Moss will be right there as backup, providing Buffalo with an option in those 3rd and short situations. They’ll combine for 120 yards and at least 2 TDs.

Prediction #2: Diggs gets back to form

Stefon Diggs is currently at 129 yards and 1 TD. By comparison, last season after 2 weeks, Diggs had 239 yards and 1 TD. A pretty big difference. With his injury preventing him from participating in the preseason games it was obvious he wouldn’t be in top form straight away.

However, last week showed promise. He’s getting there, and a home crowd might just be what he needs to continue sailing on the high of last week.

Prediction #3: Epenesa and Rousseau

These two defensive studs impressed on that D-line last week. They combined for 4 QB hits, and 6 tackles. Not to mention the pressure that Epenesa was consistently providing, allowing Rousseau to record 2 sacks.

They’re going to start this Sunday, playing with the gusto that they showed in Miami. Epenesa will record the first of many sacks this season. The Bills pass rush showed improvement closing out last season, but with the addition of Groot and the breakout of Epenesa, they’ll quickly become one of the best in the league.

Prediction #4: Allen goes off

Despite the win last week, Josh Allen was not in top form. And even he knew it. He’s going to come back with a vigor and thirst for success like never before. He’ll have all the support he needs in front of the home crowd and that O-line seems to have improved since the Steelers game.

Allen’s going to have a fun time on Sunday, racking up over 300 yards. Showing us all his MVP talent and proving those haters wrong.


The Buffalo Bills will come away with the win in this one. I would love to see another shutout, but I think this offense will present just a slight bit more of a challenge.

Much like Marty McFly, Trish Patel (aka Tyler Bass Enthusiast) is a time traveller who stole a sports almanac so as to fool you mortals into believing that she can predict the stats of a game. If you come at her on social media, there is an excellent chance you'll get burnt. They don't call her @savage_trish for nothing.