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Buffalo Fanatics Offseason GM Simulator



The offseason is a time of mass speculation for football fans. Which players should the Buffalo Bills sign (or re-sign)? Cut? Draft? People love to put on their GM caps and mess around in Madden or mock draft machines to concoct their “perfect Buffalo Bills offseason”. Now, it’s easier than ever with the Buffalo Fanatics Offseason GM Simulator!!

How does it work?

The simulator goes through the three main phases of the NFL offseason: “Re-signings”, “Free Agency”, and “The Draft”.


First, you get to decide which of Buffalo’s pending free agents to re-sign. However, you will need to free up cap space. Do you want to keep Harrison Phillips and Isaiah McKenzie? It may cost you Cole Beasley and A.J. Klein.

Free Agency

Next up in the simulator, explore the free agent market. You can make a splash or scour the bargain bin. If you have some targets in mind, try to go after them. Can’t quite afford your top free agent? You can free up some more money (provided you haven’t already made the maximum six cuts).

The Draft

Then, comes the draft. Which prospects do you want the Bills to draft? Should they trade down? Will you fill your remaining holes, draft the best player available, or a mix of both? You make the call!!

Share your results

Once you finish, you can screenshot and share the results with your Twitter and Facebook friends. And, if you want to try a different approach, you can run the offseason simulator as many times as you want. Tag #BuffaloFanatics for a share.

Where can you find it?

The Buffalo Fanatics GM offseason simulator is in the new Buffalo Fanatics “BF Network” app, available in your preferred app store!! So, to all the backseat GMs out there, get ready… it might be chilly. (It won’t actually be chilly, but it will be fun!)