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Bills Mafia! It’s two and a half weeks since the Bills faced the Chiefs in the AFC championship game, and it already feels like months. Seeing the Bills defense get picked apart play after play versus the Chiefs left me thinking this team can’t be beaten. I expected that same type of performance against the Buccaneers in the Super Bowl Sunday. Seeing the trio of Mahomes, Kelce, and Hill firing on all cylinders against Buffalo left me to believe there wasn’t a team in the league that was built to match up against that type of explosiveness. I have a few interesting takeaways to touch on throughout this piece.

Defensive Pass Rush

Heading into the NFL offseason, the Bills may have the fewest amount of holes to fill in quite some time. Josh Allen was clearly able to take that next step and show he is the guy for years to come in Buffalo. Complement that with Diggs, Beasley, Davis, and a steady offensive line, and it leaves very few holes to fill across the roster. After watching the Bucs put a beat down to the Chiefs Sunday night, it became very evident what the deciding factor was when the Bills faced off against the Chiefs. With Patrick Mahomes running nearly 500 yards throughout the game to avoid the Bucs pass rush (which was the most by a QB all season), it seemed the Bucs were able to piece together the blueprint and game-plan on how to stop one of the most potent offenses the league has ever seen.

Whether it be Pierre-Paul, Barrett, or Suh, it seemed as if those three were getting in the Chiefs’ backfield nearly every play. Makes you wonder where that same performance was two weeks ago when the Bills faced that nearly same offensive line (although, with Eric Fisher). Simply put, Tampa’s interior line and defensive end pressure was a night and day difference from Buffalo’s. It seemed as if Patty Mahomes could do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted when facing Buffalo’s defense. A lot of that boils down to the fact that the Bills had no way to get pressure. If you bring a blitzing corner, safety, or linebacker, Mahomes would simply find Kelce underneath. If you drop back in coverage, Mahomes would dice you apart for 10-15 yards every play. After rewatching that Chiefs vs. Bills game multiple times, it leaves you to wonder why almost every play Jerry Hughes would rush inside leaving Patty Mahomes an easy escape out the pocket. The Bucs showed the Bills and the rest of the league what it takes to slow down the Chiefs. With pressure almost every play, it left a patent chiefs Tyreek Hill deep ball to be a non-factor all game.

2021 Is the Year

Beane and co. know what it takes to redeem themselves next season after two of the four Bills’ losses this year came from Mahomes and the Chiefs. Devin White and the Bucs defensive line showed the world how to slow down a dominant Chiefs offense. Great linebacker play and a dominant pass rush could make for an unstoppable 2021 Buffalo Bills team. Who would you guys like the Bills to focus on most this offseason? Maybe JJ Watt to Buffalo? Big time, blue-collar pass rusher to bring to the 716, wouldn’t that be fun! The future has never looked as bright as it does now, a few key moves made by Beane and c/o this off-season and there’s no reason why the Bills can’t make that final jump to get the coveted Super Bowl. Let’s see what Beane cooks up this off-season.

Thanks for reading. As always, Go Bills!