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Buffalo Fanatics: Mock Draft 1



Najee Harris and Alex Leatherwood

The Divisional Game against Kansas City was a wild day for everyone in the Mafia. I’ve had time to sit back and reflect. This year was amazing, it was everything I personally could have hoped for. The issue is the Team fell short of the ultimate goal, The Super Bowl.

I joke with my friends that being a Buffalo Bills fan means the draft is my Super Bowl because the Bills hadn’t been to the real one in so long. It’s full of hope, it’s exciting, new players and pieces for the coaching staff to figure out. 

Every year, I get baptized by mock draft after mock draft. I read them all! I’m here for all of it and just can’t get enough of them. I have a problem that is only solved by making my own mock drafts. Last year, I wrote multiple mocks. This year I’m teaming up with some of the other writers at Buffalo Fanatics to give our insights on who or what the Buffalo Bills will do in the 2021 NFL Draft. 

This is the lowest the Bills have selected in years. I scrubbed the internet to figure out if they have ever had the 30th overall pick. The closest came in 1985 when they had the 29th pick which began the second round at the time. This pick is a glorified second-rounder, and that’s okay. 

As Bills fans, we expect perfection, and in some ways, that’s perfectly fine. The problem with the Bills is the fact that there are more weaknesses than there are strengths. Which, in turn, makes those weaknesses glare more intently. 

For example, AJ Klein tied for the team lead in sacks with Mario Addison at five. I’m not a coach, but that screams problem area. Another example is the pitiful run game the Bills displayed this year. As amazing as Josh Allen was, and he was amazing, not having a run game crippled this offense down the stretch. 

At Sean McDermott’s end of the year press conference, he emphasized the need for a better run game. The question that we find ourselves asking now is “Are the Buffalo Bills drafting a Running Back in the first round?” I dove deep into this year’s draft pool, and the goal is to figure out if this statement will become the truth in about three months. 

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