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Buffalo Bills vs. Miami Dolphins: Key Takeaways

Feature Columnist Steve Mathes continues his Monday Six Pack series. Providing you with a six pack of takeaways from the Buffalo Bills 31-28 win over the Miami Dolphins.



Feature Columnist, Steve Mathes, continues his Monday Six Pack series, providing you with a six-pack of takeaways from the Buffalo Bills 31-28 win over the Miami Dolphins

Typically when I sit down to write this piece, I attempt to evenly distribute my six takeaways. That wasn’t possible today as the offense is going to steal all of the talking points. So here are a few quick takeaways from the Buffalo Bills lackluster defensive effort.

  • Sean McDermott’s defense NEEDS quality sideline to sideline linebackers. Tyrel Dodson made a few eye-opening plays, but AJ Klein was a liability in coverage, and Ryan Fitzpatrick utilized his veteran savvy to absolutely exploit the middle of the defense.
  • Levi Wallace is an absolute liability. When Fitzpatrick wasn’t working the middle of the field, he was attacking Levi Wallace. Play after play after play. Wallace’s man was targeted over a dozen times to great success. DeVante Parker had a TD on him, and Preston Williams dropped what would have been a second. Prince Amukamara should be offered a contract this week, or Cam Lewis should be given an opportunity on the boundary. Josh Norman can return week four in Las Vegas.

The Bills have a lot to clean up on defense. Luckily for them, it appears they now have an offense that can cover up deficiencies on the defense.

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(1) The Offense Wins A Game

The Buffalo Bills needed 29 points to win this game today. They averaged 19 points per game last season. This isn’t the 2019 Buffalo Bills offense. This unit did what needed to be done and went toe to toe with an opponent and put up 30+ points. It took two weeks for the offense to do what it couldn’t do once last season: be the sole reason the team won the football game. That is an inspiring thought with 14 games left on the regular-season schedule and the injuries piling up on the other side of the ball.

(2) The Offense Goes For The Jugular

With under five minutes left, the Buffalo Bills got the football back with a 24-20 lead. What they did with the football is something we are not accustomed to seeing as Bills fans. The offense went for the jugular. They did not morph into a run-run-pass football team. They did not shift to run-heavy personnel. They continued to run their offense, which included passing the football on early downs. The end result was a John Brown 46 yard touchdown reception. The play would turn out to be vital as Miami worked their way down the field on the ensuing possession and scored a touchdown.

(3) Josh Allen Has Arrived

How did Josh Allen follow up a career performance last week? With yet another career best performance. This time Allen threw for 417 yards, three touchdowns, and did not turn the football over once. Does Allen have flaws? Yes. But there is no denying he belongs in this league. There is no denying he is one of the best young QBs in the game. Anyone who wants to highlight his flaws and ignore his successes are simply trying to salvage their pre-draft narrative of the quarterback.


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(4) The Return of Captain Clutch

With the game on the line, Josh Allen did what Josh Allen does. With 10:11 left in the game, the Bills trailed the Dolphins 20-17. From that point on, Josh Allen went 6-8 for 145 yards and two touchdowns. The quarterback put the team on his back and won the game.

(5) Enjoy Brian Daboll While He’s Still Here

Will Brian Daboll be the New York Jets Head Coach by their bye week? Is that allowed? I sure hope not. The combination of Daboll’s influence on Josh Allen’s development, his resume that includes stops under Belichick and Saban, and the proficiency of this offense will surely give Daboll a variety of offers this off-season. Enjoy him while he is still here. He won’t be in 2021.

(6) The Evolution of the Offense Appears Permanent

This week, I articulated whether or not the Buffalo Bills would go back to more traditional personnel groupings in order to have more success running the football. The New England Patriots ran wild over the Dolphins a week ago. Miami’s secondary on paper is one of the best in the league and plays a very challenging man to man defense. THE BUFFALO BILLS DIDN’T CARE. They went out and ran their new offense and took it to the Dolphins and their secondary. It is starting to appear like this pass-happy philosophy and spread concepts are not a flash in the pan but here to stay.

(Bonus) Stefon Diggs… Good at Football

There were plenty of pundits who believed Stefon Diggs numbers would drop without Kirk Cousins throwing him passes. I openly questioned whether Josh Allen could feed an “alpha” receiver. They were wrong. I was wrong. Through two weeks, Diggs has been targeted 23 times and caught 16 of them for 239 yards and a touchdown.

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