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Buffalo Bills May SimBull Report



What is SimBull

Buffalo Fanatics is the official Bills branded content platform partnering with SimBull. SimBull is branded as “the stock market for sports”, allowing fans to invest in their favorite sports teams as they would invest in stocks.

SimBull team shares are backed by real physical assets. In this case, team pennants.

You can assess the value of each team in SimBull’s real-time market, and decide whether to buy and/or sell shares of any team. The market value of each team’s shares is driven by the real-life success of said team.

This May report is the second of our monthly features that will analyze the value of the Buffalo Bills shares in the SimBull market, also known as “SimBills.”

May 2021 SimBills Report

As of May 6th, the market cap for shares of SimBills totals $3,689.00.

As we head towards the middle of Q2, the SimBills are one of the highest valued NFL team shares in the SimBull market, with the price hovering right around $37 per share. Comparatively, teams like the Buccaneers and Chiefs are trading near $42 and $46 per share, respectively.

From a value standpoint, the SimBills are well above their 52 week low of $17 but are off their $39 per share mark they held a month ago. Although the value hasn’t dipped significantly, we do notice that the two Super Bowl teams have added value with their shares, while the Bills have dropped slightly.

After the NFL Draft, the SimBills investors pulled back slightly from the Bills, likely due to the strengths of the AFC East as a whole during NFL Draft Weekend. The SimBills are actually trading lower than the SimDolphins ($39 per share) at the moment, signifying there is confidence in not only the Dolphins draft but also that Tua Tagovailoa should see increased production heading into year two under Brian Flores. The Dolphins added Will Fuller in free agency and star receiver Jaylen Waddle (Alabama Crimson Tide) in the draft.

Check back at the beginning of June for our next report. You can visit to get a $10 deposit bonus with every deposit you make.

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