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Buffalo Bills Odds: Looking at the Odds by the Spread Week Three



2-0 is a beautiful feeling. It reminds me of sweet bliss. The air is getting colder, Christmas music is being played obnoxiously loud for no reason at all. It means something magical is going to happen. I can feel. 

Welcome to a new weekly article I’ll be writing (@ReedEmAnWeep3). We are going to dive into a couple of games per week and discuss how I see the spread coming out to. You’ll also get to see what the other members of Buffalo Fanatics think when it comes to the games. 

Let’s dive into the one game every Buffalo Bills Fan is excited to talk about! 

Buffalo Bills vs Los Angeles Rams

Josh Allen flexing on that spread

The spread opened up at -2.5 for the Buffalo Bills and has since moved to -3.5. This is an interesting game for the Bills. Are Edmunds and Milano starting? If they aren’t, this game is going to be closer than it should. 

Stefon Diggs is going head to head with Jalen Ramsey. Tre White is taking on the prodigal son in Robert Woods. Aaron is Donald taking on the whole offensive line by himself. 

Is Josh Allen going to continue to impress, or will he slip? My guess is Allen is still going to impress. He’s going to put up around 250 to 260 passing yards and two touchdowns. 

It won’t be Stefon Diggs that puts up the points this week but instead John Brown. Don’t get me wrong. Diggs is still going to post an eight reception 80-yard game for a nice 16 plus point balance in fantasy football, but it’s John Brown’s turn to hit the 100-yard mark again and to extend his streak to three games with a touchdown. 

My thought process for this game is sporadic. On the one hand, Josh Allen has come out swinging, and adding Stefon Diggs has only made him an even better QB.

On hand number two, Tyler Higbee is going to feast in the middle of the field. Last week he scored three touchdowns. You just know Sean McVay is licking his chops after seeing what Fitz Magic did with his TE in week two. 

I’m taking Buffalo -2.5 for this game. Buffalo is going to continue to give all of us fans a scare in the third quarter, but Josh Allen still has ice in his veins like he’s a water-cooled machine. Bills cover the spread easily. 

Cincinnati Bengals vs Philadelphia Eagles 

Joe Burrow stiff arming the spread
Sep 13, 2020; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (9) is pulled down by Los Angeles Chargers defensive tackle Jerry Tillery (99) in the first quarter of the NFL Week 1 game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Chargers at Paul Brown Stadium in downtown Cincinnati on Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020. Mandatory Credit: Sam Greene/Cincinnati Enquirer-USA TODAY NETWORK

Ole Back Door Burrow and the Back Door Bengals are back. I love it. The spread opens up at Bengals +6.5. Philly is struggling mightily. The offensive line is almost nonexistent. They have absolutely no wide receivers, and Carson Wentz seems to be regressing.  

On the other side of the map, you have Joey Burrow throwing 60 times to will his team to win. Sure, AJ Green looks old and that’s almost heartbreaking, but Burrow looks sharp and is making great decisions even though his offensive line doesn’t want to block.  

Look for Burrow to target Drew Sample like Jared Goff targeted Tyler Higbee in week two for a tune of three touchdowns. 

Bet your money where your heart is, and my heart is telling me the Back Door Bengals are gonna do it again in week three.

Kansas City Chiefs vs Baltimore Ravens

ESPN has been hyping up this Monday Night Football game for what feels like 15 years. Don’t get me wrong. I am excited about it. It just seems to be criminal that the Chiefs are +2.5. 

Patrick Mahomes is a force to be reckoned with, but so is the Ravens defense. The Chiefs are going to have a tough time running the ball against that front seven. 

On the other side of the field, you have Lamar Jackson who, like Josh Allen, has continued to prove his doubters wrong. You can never count him out of any play. 

This game isn’t like the others on this list because I can see both teams coming within 2.5 points. My gut is telling me to pick the reigning Super Bowl Champs. 

After their week two game against the Chargers, if this game comes down to a kicking battle, I love the spread of +2.5. 

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