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Bills Game Day Predictions: Wild Card Edition



The end of the NFL’s regular season is always bittersweet. While we draw nearer and nearer to the dreaded five month drought of no football, we also draw nearer to the Buffalo Bills winning the Super Bowl. To kick it all off this weekend, the Bills prepare to take on their favorite AFC East rival in the Wild Card round: the Miami Dolphins.

Here’s a few of my hot (and not so hot) predictions for this weekend:

1.) We’ll be seeing 3s

AP Photo/Jeffrey T. Barnes

What we saw the past week and a half in the NFL was something we truly have never seen before. The community came together to support the injured Bills S Damar Hamlin, in a way that was truly bigger than football.

In last week’s game against the Patriots, there were 3s everywhere we looked. Each player wore a #3 patch on their jersey, and fans all around the crowd held up their signs. Whether it was a coincidence or just sheer randomness, we may never know. However, the stats do not lie.

Even the weather forecast is on our side. Last weekend in Orchard Park, the temperature during Sunday’s game was 33 degrees. And the predicted temperature for this weekend’s game? You guessed it… 33 degrees.

2.) Cole Beasley. That’s the tweet.

Beasley is back. While we’ve been seeing him here and there since returning to the Buffalo Bills, we haven’t seen anything big out of the Bills WR… yet. Yesterday, the Bills signed Cole Beasley to their 53-man roster and released OL Justin Murray. Now that he’s officially back on the roster, Bease is back in business for real this time. Personally, I would love to see him get a TD, just for old times’ sake.

While there has been some controversy surrounding him, Beasley seems happier than ever to be back on the Bills, and says he feels like he “never left”. I predict the Bills will utilize Beasley more this weekend, especially if WR Isaiah McKenzie is still out with a hamstring injury.

3.) Dolphins fans will complain

This one is pretty inevitable. After Dolphins QB1 Tua Tagovailoa was not cleared to play this weekend, Dolphins fans across the internet went on a wild rampage. Some were saying that Tua’s concussion isn’t “that serious”, while others were saying the Bills should “rest” Josh Allen if Skylar Thompson is playing, just so it’s “fair”. I hate to break it to you guys, but football isn’t always fair. As a lifelong Bills fan, I know this better than anyone else.

Another complaint we can expect to see from Dolphins fans, my personal favorite, will be about the weather. While Mike McDaniel may “wish it were colder”, I’m sure the team and fans attending the game don’t.

4.) Dawson Knox will score the first TD of the game

I have no real reason to back this one up, but it’s just a feeling. Last time I had this feeling, the odds were tremendously against it, but it won me $900 so I’m not complaining.

Taking a look at the stats from the end of 2022, this prediction doesn’t seem too unlikely either:

5.) Josh Allen will do Josh Allen things

AP Photo/Peter Aiken

Nobody plays football the way Josh Allen does. You know who plays football even better than Josh Allen? Playoff Josh Allen. Whether it’s one of his infamous hurdles, or just an absolutely insane pass, it is inexorable that the Buffalo Bills QB will do something noteworthy.

In addition to being an absolute beast in the playoffs, Allen also has the highest passer rating in postseason history, and was the highest rated QB this season, according to PFF.


It is safe to assume the Bills will take home the W this weekend, but, it may not be the blowout some may think. Although, I said the same thing about the College Football Championship game Monday night… and look what happened. Anyways, pray for Damar and Go Bills!

Featured Image: AP/Jeffrey Barnes