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Buffalo Bills: Does the future of the QB room include Jake Fromm?

Obviously, we all know that the Buffalo Bills offense is centered around quarterback Josh Allen after his outstanding 2020 season. However, because of how important the quarterback position is to the offense, it makes sense to have a good backup.



Obviously, we all know that the Buffalo Bills offense is centered around Josh Allen after his outstanding 2020 season. However, because of how important the Quarterback position is to the offense, it makes sense to have a good backup.

Allen has certainly played with a bit more recklessness than most Quarterbacks. Somewhat similar to how Ryan Fitzpatrick would put his body on the line for first downs back in the day. With that being said, that kind of recklessness can increase the chances of injury. Thus, another reason why it’s important for the Buffalo Bills to have a competent backup behind Josh Allen.

Current Buffalo Bills Backup – Mitchell Trubisky

During this offseason, the Buffalo Bills made a surprising signing by acquiring the 2017 second overall pick, Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky certainly hasn’t lived up to the expectations of a typical second overall draft pick. That being said, he was a serviceable starter for the Chicago Bears over the last few years. After some ups and downs, the Bears decided to move on from him. And apparently, most of the other teams in the NFL agreed that he isn’t a starting-caliber Quarterback. This opened up the opportunity for the Buffalo Bills to sign Trubisky to a one-year deal in an attempt to redeem his career. Trubisky won’t start for the Bills, but perhaps a year taking mental reps could help him out in the long run.

Jake Fromm

Dating back to his time in high school, Jake Fromm has been in the center of the spotlight. He had an entire Netflix show based around him (QB1). Fromm went on to play at the University of Georgia after being a five-star recruit.

During his time as a Bulldog, Fromm was a part of three very successful SEC football teams. The Bulldogs never finished a season outside of the top ten during Fromm’s time in Georgia. With that said, much of that success was dependent on good defensive play and a game management style of offense predicated on a solid running attack. Fromm never finished a season with truly impressive passing stats, but rather a good ability to avoid putting the ball in harm’s way.

Jake Fromm’s Future with the Buffalo Bills

After the Buffalo Bills selected Jake Fromm in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draft, there wasn’t an obvious plan for him. With Josh Allen as the starter and Matt Barkley as backup, it seemed like he and Barkley competed for the backup role.

Moving forward, it feels somewhat similar. There’s isn’t an obvious role for Jake Fromm in 2021 after the signing of Trubisky. However, Trubisky is only under contract for 2021. So, perhaps, the Bills would like to keep Fromm on the roster this year because they plan on him being the long-term backup for Josh Allen.

Backup QB Philosophy

Fromm is under contract through the 2023 season. If all goes to plan, I could see the Bills beginning a new backup Quarterback philosophy. With Allen as the undeniable franchise quarterback, he’s in line for a big extension in the near future. Meaning, there is less money to go around throughout the rest of the team. Therefore, the Bills may try to save money by recycling backup QBs on rookie contracts and spend on more important areas of the roster. After all, the Buffalo Bills’ Super Bowl chances are pretty much tarnished if Allen gets injured anyways, so the team might as well save some money on the backup position moving forward.

Air Raid Hour Recap

Jake Fromm will find himself in the middle of an interesting camp battle to make the 2021 Buffalo Bills. However, that is just one of many fascinating camp battles set to take place starting next week. That’s right, the offseason is almost over, and the preseason is right around the corner.

In the most recent episode of the Air Raid Hour, Judge and Tilt go through each position to share their thoughts on various Training Camp battles set to take place. If you enjoyed my thoughts on Jake Fromm and the QB competition, you will definitely like how Judge and Tilt break down each position. If you missed it live, you can catch the replay linked and embedded above.

As always, Go Bills!



  1. Kendall Mirsky

    July 27, 2021 at 1:17 pm

    I agree that the Bills will stash Webb on the Practice Squad, but I’m starting to think that may not effect Fromm’s chances of making the active roster. But I definitely agree that Webb is a valuable “player-coach”.

  2. Anonymous

    July 27, 2021 at 1:11 pm

    Davis Webb is an assistant coach that will be on the roster somehow. If he is still eligible for practice squad that’s where he will be. If not I think he is on the roster.

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