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Buffalo Bills Fantasy: Should you start Stefon Diggs?



A deep breath in, it’s a sigh of relief. Stefon Diggs is a Buffalo Bill. When McDermott and Beane decided to go out and get Diggs, all of Bills Mafia rejoiced. Diggs has been amazing so far in camp. Iron sharpens iron is the oldest saying in the world of sports, but it’s fitting with Diggs going head-on with Tre’ White and the other DB’s. Diggs asking Josh Allen to go through the drill again so they can have better chemistry. It’s the little things that Diggs has done for the Buffalo Bills, but what can Stefon Diggs do for your fantasy team, and should you start him? 

You’ve drafted your team, you’ve named your team something crazy (my name is always a shot at one of my friends). Stefon Diggs sits on your roster. He’s gonna start for you, but you’re worried. How is Stefon Diggs going to perform on a new team with a new QB? Will Josh Allen actually take that famous year three leap? Or is every team just going to double team Diggs? 

2018 Fantasy Points

Let’s dive into Stefon Diggs fantasy numbers the last two years and what his stats really were. In 2018, Diggs put up 266.3 fantasy points in PPR leagues, his highest point total to date. This is due to the fact that in 2018 Diggs had his highest touchdown total with nine. In 2018, Diggs put up 102 receptions on 150 targets which led to 1,021 yards that season. No one will argue that Diggs lit it up in 2018. His average points per game were 17.8 points. Now I don’t know about you, but I’m thrilled to have that with a WR number one. 

2019 Fantasy Points

2018 was an explosive way for Stefon Diggs to come onto the scene. Unfortunately, in 2019, his relationship with the Minnesota Vikings started to deteriorate. He wasn’t happy with Cousins, and he wanted more targets. 2019 saw a dip in his fantasy production. Diggs had a total of 212.1 points. It makes sense that his points would drop. His reception total dropped all the way down to 63 having only been targeted 94 times. Even being targeted less, Diggs still managed to rack up 1,130 yards but only managed six touchdowns. Sure, 2019 was a little disappointing, but Diggs still was able to put up 14.1 points per game.

Now comes the fun part. Diggs has been washed away from Minnesota. He’s in Western New York, and he’s living his best life and probably becoming best friends with Gabriel Davis. Can he put up numbers and become a successful WR number 1 for your fantasy team? The answer is yes. You’re probably gonna wanna ride Diggs all the way to your championship game, the one you’re in with your Wife’s boss.

2020 Fantasy Outcome

Josh Allen doesn’t have to be successful on the deep ball for Stefon Diggs fantasy to put up the numbers I imagine he will, though it is really encouraging to see Allen hit those balls consistently. Allen has a lot of weapons to choose from when throwing the ball. Diggs will open up the offense for so many other skill position players. It’s a pick your poison type of team now. Do you double Diggs and leave John Brown one on one with a corner? If you double Brown, you’ve left Diggs one on one. He’s going to get every opportunity possible to have an amazing Fantasy season this year. 

Diggs will put up around 1,200 yards and 10 – 12 touchdowns this year. He’s going to be a force to reckon with. This is the year that Diggs cracks the 300 point mark in fantasy. All you have to do is sit back and remember to start him. So, when you go to set your line up for September 13th, remember it would almost be a crime to not have Stefon Diggs fantasy in your starting line up. 

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