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Buffalo Bills Fan Fiction: “The Mustache” Part II

This is Part II of a story written by Jay Allen. To read Part I, please click the link here.



Time to wake up, Thomas, said the mustache.

Tommy’s eyes opened. He turned to his cell phone and checked the time. It was 6 am. “Why didn’t my alarm go off?” he asked.

I disabled it. You do not need an alarm. You have me.

Tommy sat up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. He stood up and walked over to the mirror above his dresser.

I thought we could go for a little morning jog, it said.

Tommy wasn’t much of a morning person. He usually woke up, made some coffee, and drank it while eating his cereal and checking his social media sites. However, this morning was different. He felt more energized than usual. “Yeah. I could go for a run. That sounds good.”

Tommy’s sneakers hit the pavement, one after the other. He had just completed his eighth lap around the block. He felt as good as when he started. He could run 10k easily.

Time to wrap it up, Thomas. We must get to practice.

Tommy looked at his watch. Was it time already? The morning had felt like a blur. He didn’t even feel like he needed coffee. And he drank coffee every morning. Maybe it’s the new pre workout I’ve been taking, he thought. Whatever it was, he felt like a million bucks.

Tommy walked on to the practice field. He was met by coach Daboll who tossed him a football.

“You’re with the ones today, kid,” Daboll said, “Croom’s out”.

Tommy looked over to the sideline and saw Jason sitting on the bench. He definitely looked bummed. Tommy felt bad for him, but he was going to get some first team reps, and he really wanted to impress the coaches.

Ignore Mr. Croom. He is weak. But YOU are strong. You deserve this, said his mustache. 

Tommy didn’t think Jason was weak. Football was a tough game. Injuries happen. Regardless, Tommy was going to do his best …

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