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Buffalo Bills: Expanded Workout Facility Completed is Money Well Spent




Workout facilities that are top of the line are a key in any sports team’s development no matter the level, and now the Buffalo Bills have one that is the standard. There were reports back in August that the Buffalo Bills would be spending 18 million dollars to build a state of the art workout facility and it is impressive. When attending a Bills game last season, the massive construction being done to create this was right by the stadium.

“I would say the sports medicine department pretty much doubled in size from recovery rooms to massage rooms, Active Release Technology rooms, doctor’s office, conference rooms,” said head strength and conditioning coach Eric Ciano. “Our room is three times the size now. Cardio room, yoga room upstairs, all the office space and sports science space we have, the nutrition bar. That’s not counting the turf we have in the weight room and the added space for all of our equipment. That room is going to be amazing for us.”

The following photos inside the new facility are credited to Vicious Sid @Vicious155 on twitter, and the first one is how it used to look:

In comparing the old to the new, the difference is night and day, as the equipment looks fantastic and everything makes a team member feel like a vital part of the whole. Meanwhile, the old looks dated and something a community college might have had in the 90s.

While quarterback Josh Allen might have talked to all the prospective free agents as they were welcomed to the team, having this new workout area had to have been a selling point as well. This is just the weights, apparently they also added float tanks, a yoga studio, among other top notch workout and wellness options within the new area.

Injuries have been an issue for this team for several years now and fans were concerned about the trainers and how they were doing their job seemingly poorly; however what if it was just the outdated workout facilitiy itself. All and all, when the Buffalo Bills take the field in 2019, this new facility will be a vital piece of the team taking it to the next level, besides the sheer talent this team has.