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Buffalo Bills Draft Targets (2022): Tight Ends



With the signing of O.J. Howard and both Tommy Sweeney and Quintin Morris on the roster, the Buffalo Bills TE room is a little full behind Dawson Knox. But, there’s still a lack of talent. Knox is great and Howard is a good addition, but there needs to be a solid TE3, and where better than the draft?

TE1 and 2 are already locked in, so the Bills don’t have to draft too high for a TE. They can get one in round four or later.

1. Jelani Woods, Virginia (6’7”, 259lbs)

From: SI

Honestly, was it going to be anyone else? A huge dude with great hands, excellent length, speed, and it takes some effort to bring him down. Not to mention his blocking skills. I love this guy and I have been championing for the Bills to draft him for weeks.

#JelaniWoodsSZN on Twitter: “Jelani Woods is a late round pick, and I know the Bills have other needs. But this guy is an interesting prospect that I would love to explore. Speed at his size is just one factor 🧵 #BuffaloFanatics #BFDraft22 #NFLDraft2022 / Twitter”

Jelani Woods is a late round pick, and I know the Bills have other needs. But this guy is an interesting prospect that I would love to explore. Speed at his size is just one factor 🧵 #BuffaloFanatics #BFDraft22 #NFLDraft2022

2. Greg Dulcich, UCLA (6’4”, 248lbs)

From: LA Times

Dulcich is a converted WR, which explains why his receiving skills are so good. He has the length to just pluck the ball out of the air. He finished his college career with 77 receptions for 1,353 yards and 11 touchdowns.

3. Cole Turner, Nevada (6’6”, 246lbs)

From: Niner Noise

Turner’s speed and athleticism make him a perfect red zone target. The Bills struggled all season long with this. Turner could be exactly what they’re missing.

4. Jake Ferguson, Wisconsin (6’5”, 244lbs)

From: NFL Mocks

Ferguson isn’t a stand out receiver. He doesn’t mask what he’s doing, so it should be relatively easy to bring him down. But it’s not. He is reliable and productive, all the Buffalo Bills need from TE3.

5. Charlie Kolar, Iowa State (6’5”, 257lbs)

From: Iowa State Athletics

Kolar has been very productive at Iowa State, catching 168 passes for 2,181 yards and 23 touchdowns. He’s a great receiver with a very wide catch radius. He can be perfect in the red zone or in third down situations.

6. Jalen Wydermyer, Texas A&M (6’5”, 260lbs)

From: Good Bull Hunting

Wydemyer is on the slow side, posting a 5.03 40 time. But he runs his routes seamlessly and is a great pass catcher. He’s been compared to Kyle Pitts and I’m inclined to agree. He would be higher on this list, if his speed and pass blocking ability were better.

7. James Mitchell, Virginia Tech (6’3”, 242lbs)

From: The Athletic

Mitchell is able to come off the snap with speed and continue to accelerate. He is also great at adjusting his body for the catch. His lack of usage at the college level means that there is slight doubt of his ability at a pro level. But he just needs a chance to showcase his talent. The Bills love an underdog.

8. Jeremy Ruckert, Ohio State (6’5”, 250lbs)

From: SI

Ruckert is average at both pass catching and blocking. Ohio State is loaded with receivers, so he wasn’t used as heavily in the pass game as would be expected. However, he’s been effective when needed. He can be a great and play style prospect.

9. Austin Allen, Nebraska (6’8”, 259lbs)

From: Austin Allen Twitter (@austin11allen)

Allen is a huge target for a QB, and uses all his strength to break tackles. He lacks the agility desired in a TE however, and would struggle to get open. But in critical third down situations, he is ideal.

10. Chigoziem Okonkwo, Maryland (6’2”, 244lbs)

From: Maryland Athletics

Okonkwo has made some outstanding catches, but is inconsistent. He may struggle in the pros. However, with some targeted training, he can great in this offense.

The TE depth on this Buffalo Bills roster has all but ensured that any draftees would more than likely spend the first year on the practice squad. For this very reason, any of these TEs would be great for the Bills as they can be molded into exactly the kind of receiver they need.

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