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Buffalo Bills Draft Targets (2022): Running Backs



Devin Singletary is the only running back on the Buffalo Bills that is worth a damn. And, even though I do love him, he’s had a rollercoaster career so far and has not currently proven himself as the long-term RB in Buffalo. He will develop into that, but the Bills need a solid backup. Duke Johnson only provides a temporary solution. As such, here are my top 10 RB prospects that the front office should look at.

1. Kenneth Walker III, Michigan State (5’10”, 211 lbs)

Walker is a physical runner. His explosive and aggressive nature makes him not only fun to watch, but successful too. (He averaged 6.2 yards per carry last season.) He has hustle and isn’t brought down easily, forcing the most missed tackles (89) in Big Ten history. He’d be a steal for the Bills at pick 57.

2. Hassan Haskins, Michigan (6’2″, 228 lbs)

Haskins is a very good “all-around” back. A beast in short yardage situations, he always manages to find the endzone. Working as a 1-2 punch with Singletary would be game-changing for the Bills, that run game would improve greatly.

3. Jashaun Corbin, Florida State (5’11”, 202 lbs)

Corbin isn’t usually this high up on draft boards, but he should be. He has good vision, quick feet, and decent speed. He also runs with a physical nature and can shove off blockers when needed. The reason he is as high as he is, is because of his ball security (thanks @Automaton37 for the stats). Like Haskins, he would work well with Singletary. He would be a steal in later rounds.

4. Tyler Badie, Missouri (5’8″, 197 lbs)

His initials are T.B. and his first name is Tyler, that’s already a plus in my book. (I love you T. Bass.) Badie is an excellent runner in open field and is a dual-threat as a pass catcher, hence why he’s so high on this list. He can become exactly what the Buffalo Bills have been searching for this offseason: a Deebo Samual knock-off.

5. James Cook, Georgia (5’11”, 199 lbs)

Fast, physical runners are a dime a dozen in the Cook family. The Georgia back stumbles through defenders, making what should be a a short yard pickup into 5-6 yards with ease. Like Badie, Cook is a dual threat RB. With some development, he can be great in both the ground and pass game.

6. Breece Hall, Iowa State (5’11”, 217 lbs)

Hall is excellent in short yardage situations, muscling his way through for that first down or TD. He is quick when he gets open and has great vision, bouncing off of defenders to get that yardage. He would be a solid pick for the Bills.

7. Pierre Strong Jr., South Dakota State (5’11”, 207 lbs)

Strong has incredible awareness. He’s able to make the first line of defenders seem useless and then make a mockery out of the secondary, cutting and bouncing his way out of danger. That burst he has when getting open is dangerous for the opposition. He’d take a lot of pressure off of QB1’s shoulders.

8. Brian Robinson, Alabama (6’2″, 225 lbs)

Robinson is really effective out of the backfield. He seems to immediately find the lanes and get open. He doesn’t like to go down easily, in some cases dragging a defender with him. The Bills could definitely use that physicality.

9. Isaiah Spiller, Texas A&M (6’0″, 217 lbs)

Spiller has really nice vision, locating lanes and twisting and turning his way to them. Unlike others in this draft class, he lacks top speed when hitting the open field. But, he makes up for that by eluding tacklers.

10. Rachaad White, Arizona State (6’0″, 214 lbs)

White lacks the vision that most RBs on this list have, often avoiding the middle lanes and immediately moving to the outside. However, when he gets there, he is a decent runner. He won’t initially move far up the Bills depth chart, but he can develop under the more senior of his position and make his way as a backup by next season.

This list is different to what you may have already seen out there. But I have a lot of faith in Singletary and his ability to lead this Buffalo Bills ground game. All of these prospects fill more immediate holes: short yardage and redzone help, with some exciting dual-threat prospects. The future can be bright in Buffalo.

Much like Marty McFly, Trish Patel (aka Tyler Bass Enthusiast) is a time traveller who stole a sports almanac so as to fool you mortals into believing that she can predict the stats of a game. If you come at her on social media, there is an excellent chance you'll get burnt. They don't call her @savage_trish for nothing.