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Buffalo Bills Draft Targets (2022): Offensive Line



Last season, the Buffalo Bills OL was plagued with injuries. They only shaped up towards the end of the season. In response, Beane and McDermott worked overtime in free agency and signed key depth pieces. This means that the position doesn’t need to be targeted until day 3. Here are 10 guards and tackles that the Bills should look at.


1. Bamidele Olaseni, Utah (6’8”, 330 lbs)

Aptly nicknamed “Big Bam”, Olaseni has the strength, agility, and size to be a deadly offensive lineman in the NFL. His technique needs significant refinement but I’m certain an OL guru like Kromer can coach him up. The best part? He can play all OL spots. He may fall out of the draft and be an undrafted pickup, but he is worth it. I really love this prospect.

2. Luke Goedeke, Central Michigan (6’5”, 312 lbs)

Goedeke started out at TE before transitioning to tackle. His blocking rivals that of a well-practised NFL tackle, but many have scouted him as a guard due to his lack of length. He could be a steal later in the draft and could even see the field early in the season.

3. Rasheed Walker, Penn State (6’6”, 313 lbs)

Walker’s measurables make him an enticing prospect. He has length and physicality with quick feet, allowing him to move across the line with some speed. Whilst his fundamentals require some work, the risk is more than worth it due to his ability to potentially play both tackle spots. If he falls this far, he’d be a steal for the Bills.

4. Dare Rosenthal, Kentucky (6’7”, 290 lbs)

Rosenthal is a raw talent that just need molding. He has all the traits you’d want out of a tackle, and I’m sure Kromer would have an amazing time working with him, coaching him up to his full potential.

5. Kellen Diesch, Arizona State (6’7”, 301 lbs)

Diesch has good length and extension and a decent level of explosiveness. His technique needs some refinement and he needs to be stronger and more impactful with his blocks. He’s a work in progress but can develop into a capable swing tackle.


1. Cade Mays, Tennessee (6’5”, 311 lbs)

Mays has experience playing all five positions across the OL, making him my favourite mid-level OL prospect. He has good length and an aggressive play style. In terms of traits and technique, he needs work to be on par with others in this draft class. But his versatility is favourable for the Bills.

2. Luke Fortner, Kentucky (6’4”, 307 lbs)

Fortner played guard for all but one year of his college career, where he transitioned to center. His versatility and athleticism make him a very attractive prospect for the Buffalo Bills. He excels in run protection but needs to work on pass protection.

3. Spencer Burford, UTSA (6’4”, 304 lbs)

Starting at LG before moving to LT, Burford has the ability to play both inside and outside at an excellent level. He has quick feet and really impressive length. He’s able to move defenders out of the way with ease and really open up those run lanes. That’s something the Bills sorely needed last year.

4. Lecitus Smith, Virginia Tech (6’3”, 314 lbs)

Smith went to Virginia Tech with the intention to play TE but then moved to LG, where he started all three years. He is aggressive and has good technique. With a bit of work behind the scenes this season, he can quickly become a starter.

5. Tyrese Robinson, Oklahoma (6’3”, 317 lbs)

Robinson started at guard for his first three years at Oklahoma, where he excelled at pass protection. However, he made the move to tackle his final year due to need. He doesn’t play his best at tackle, lacking key traits such as effective lateral movement. But his versatility makes him an intriguing prospect.

All of these prospects are a work in progress but all, similarly, have the versatility to fit in with the Buffalo Bills’ scheme. Many of these guys can be ready for the season after just a few weeks training with Kromer. I’d be confident in Allen’s protection if any one of them are brought into the fold.

Much like Marty McFly, Trish Patel (aka Tyler Bass Enthusiast) is a time traveller who stole a sports almanac so as to fool you mortals into believing that she can predict the stats of a game. If you come at her on social media, there is an excellent chance you'll get burnt. They don't call her @savage_trish for nothing.