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Buffalo Bills Fantasy: Devin Singletary the New McCaffrey of Fantasy Football



“Imagine” isn’t just a song written by John Lennon. Imagine is a theme that we will be looking at for the next 700 words or so. Let’s imagine that you woke up this morning, step outside, coffee in hand, dog leashes in the other. You take a deep breath, and you feel something. It’s the weather. It has dropped three to five degrees, and the air feels different. You realize quickly that it’s Fall you feel. You close your eyes and start to ponder about the football season. It’s moving closer to becoming a reality … I mean Josh Allen is throwing deep balls in shorts again.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Something comes with football season, though, and that’s the thrill of the chase. If you are anything like my friends and me, it means Fantasy Football is about to kick off. Some people believe Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but those same people haven’t had a buddy dress in a pink princess costume and wear a sign around their neck that read “I suck at Fantasy Football”.

Playing Fantasy Football makes watching football more of a thrill. Who really cares about the Browns and the Dolphins fighting for the number one pick in the 2021 NFL Draft? No one, unless you are down by 15 points and you have Austin Hooper on your team. Fantasy Football is something that I personally look forward to every year. This year is different, though. This year I have to win big, and I think I’ve found the perfect Running Back to help me succeed. 

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I know I won’t be picking first in my league which means I’ll miss out on Christian McCaffrey as my top RB, but what if the Bills have a Running Back on the roster that could turn into the game-changing Fantasy Football Running Back that I so desperately need? Let’s talk about Devin Singletary. Singletary is great. Although, some would say he was underused last season. This season will be completely different. Sure, the Bills drafted a running back in Zack Moss, but he’s a different back then Devin Singletary.

In Fantasy terms, I love to have a Running Back that does more than just run the ball. That’s where I think Devin Singletary makes his claim in the backfield. I play in a PPR league, which essentially means every reception earns my team a point. So, in a PPR league, a McCaffrey type player means the world. When you aren’t picking high in Fantasy, you’re going to miss out on McCaffrey, but finding someone to replace him like Singletary might help you secure a championship.

Devin Singletary Stats

Taking a look at Singletary’s stats from last season, we start to notice a couple of interesting points. His rushing stats alone are great. In 12 games he managed to rack up 775 yards at 5.1 yards per carry. This year, barring injury, Devin Singletary should put up 1,000 yards easily. The only concern I have on his rushing is that he won’t see many goal-line touches. He’s a different back. He’s not a bruiser like Zack Moss is. Which sucks because you want your Running Back to score touchdowns. That’s where the bulk of your points are going to come from in a Running Back.

With that being said, I’m going to expect a 1000 yard season from any Running Back I draft. Jumping to his receiving stats as a running back, he was targeted 41 times catching the ball on 29 of those attempts. He only managed to come up with 194 yards on those receptions: 6.7 yards on each attempt and two touchdowns. Of course, that’s disappointing, but remember this is all about Imagining the impossible. 

Beane & Devin Singletary

Brandon “Big Baller” Beane was a part of the group that draft McCaffrey in the first round in the 2017 draft. You have to assume when Devin Singletary was drafted in 2019, he was viewed as the McCaffrey for the Bills. In his first year with the Panthers, McCaffrey only rushed for 435 yards and had 651 yards through the air. That’s significantly more yards receiving than what Singletary did in 2019. 

Imagine that this year is different, Imagine that Singletary is targeted in the screen game more and is used against slower linebackers as a mismatch. Imagine Devin Singletary starts to develop his game into that receiving lighting back that he can become. It’s not crazy to sit back and think “Maybe drafting Singletary to be your Running Back 1B isn’t that bad of an idea!” Here’s the thing. Devin Singletary can easily become a 1,000 yard rusher and a 1,000 yard receiver as well. In Fantasy terms, I need a Running Back that’s gonna get me 1,000 yards in both categories.

Imagine …

Now Imagine your friends seeing you draft Devin Singletary a tad bit earlier and really making fun of you saying he won’t pan out and you wasted your draft pick on him. Now Imagine that you’re a year ahead of everyone. Imagine that Singletary turns out to be the McCaffrey the Bills drafted him to be. He’s a sleeper that you shouldn’t be sleeping on.