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Buffalo Bills Collection Items I need!



There are so many pieces of memorabilia that I have seen on the internet that I always say, man, I would love that. Buffalo Bills memorabilia is so awesome at times, and I got one of those pieces this week that I have wanted for a while. A beautiful 16×20 Bills canvas with Kelly and Allen signed, a kind of passing the torch picture signed by both of them. So here are three pieces of memorabilia I have seen online that I would love in my collection.

So, the first thing that I have always wanted was a helmet with the fearsome five in Bills’ history. An autographed item that had Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, and Marv Levy all autographed on something. There is nothing cooler than having all five sign a Bills helmet. The white Ice helmet is one of my favorite helmets in recent times. I love the white background with blue ink for the autographs and red ink to use for the inscription from each Hall of Famer. This helmet will run you in the thousands, but if you can find a deal or a break for it, go for it, as there won’t be a chance to snag this one up much.

The second item that I have always wanted is a signed football cleat. One of the things I have been looking for a long time is a cleat signed by one of my favorite Bills. I remember one day seeing this beautiful Nike Red cleat signed by Josh Allen. Jerseys, helmets, and Pictures are cool, but there is something rare about getting a piece of equipment like a cleat, or a wristband, or a football glove signed by the athlete. A piece of Equipment that is game used is even rarer, and that piece signed would be an ultimate prized possession for a lot of collectors.

After Jim Kelly, there is no football player on the Bills I was more in love with than Doug Flutie. Every Buffalo Bill fan has a player that only they had a love relationship that isn’t one of the legends. As a Canadian, I grew up watching Flutie dominate the Canadian Football League, and when he got signed by the Bills, I was one of the most ecstatic fans ever. I knew what he was capable of, and he showed what he learned from the CFL and brought it to the Bills, and he was a success in his time as a Bills player. I find it very hard to find a Flutie signed Bills jersey, and I can never seem to win it in breaks when there is one available. It’s the one player and item that I try all the time to acquire. Maybe one day I will … I hope!

There are a lot of items I would like in my collection. Tell me on twitter @theMightyDeol what item you always wanted in your Bills collection.