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Buffalo Bills Collectables: Autographed Helmets



Collecting sports cards and sports memorabilia is my ultimate hobby. One of the greatest things I have collected are Football Helmets, especially my Buffalo Bills helmets. I cherish my Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, and Josh Allen helmets, but I do regret trading some of the other Bills ones I had in my collection.

Today I am going to share with all of you my five favorite auto and non-auto Buffalo Bills helmets that are out there in the market. If you do buy a helmet with autographs on it, make sure it is certified by a company that is well known in the collectors’ circle like JSA, Fanatics, PSA DNA, Steiner, and others. Some players even have their own certification like Russell Wilson.

The first helmet is an Authentic Eclipse Helmet signed by the four Hall of Famers Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, and Andre Reed. It has an Under Armour chinstrap with a tinted visor. It also has the inception for each player’s Hall of Fame year of induction as well as 3D bumpers of the Flag, Shield, and the Hall of Fame. This is a slick-looking helmet that reminds me of something more futuristic look for the Bills. This helmet would look great with the Buffalo Bills Color Rush jerseys. What I love about the helmet that really appeals to me is the black color of the helmet with a red symbol and stripe down the middle. What adds power to it is the way the autographs in Blue really shine. It makes it pop with the autographs. Now, this helmet will run you some really big cash because of the helmet and the autos. This one will run you about $1,350 USD.

This was the one that I traded away that I regret to this day. It is one of my favorite helmets the Buffalo Bills Riddell Ice helmets. This is a thing of beauty; the picture does not do justice on how beautiful these helmets look in person. Now, mine had the trio autos of Kelly, Thomas, and Reed. This one is a banger and has five Hall of Fame Bills autographs on it with the Hall of Fame year inscribed on it. Each year Riddell comes out with a helmet that is exclusive to that year and then they become hard to find. This is one of those that is hard to come by, especially with five autos on it. This one will run you about $2,100 USD

The next on the list are the Authentic Hydro Dipped Schutt F7 Helmets autographed by a variety of different players. These are available in an assortment of colors, but my favorite is the three in the picture as they give you a really nostalgic feel to them. My personal favorite is the white, but each helmet preference is for the personal collector. Now, the cost of the helmet depends on the helmet and what is on it. Like, is there a visor, 3D bumpers, who and how many autographs? A single Josh Allen one can go around $1,200-1,400 USD. The more signatures you have, the more the cost it will be to buy. I would love to find a Doug Flutie signed Bills helmet. It’s one of the hardest signatures to find.

The next two are a tie. I couldn’t pick one. You can get both as an Authentic or Replica helmet. Both are made by Riddell. There is something about the chrome that I gravitate toward. The chrome stands out in your display. Then, depending on the color of the autograph, it makes it come alive even more. I would use red or blue ink for the autograph as that will come out beautiful. Being from Canada there is something about the Black and Gold. I think black and gold often associates with Drake’s clothing line, OVO, which is regularly black and gold hence the Toronto Raptors jersey being black and gold at times. There is something simple but elegant when those two colors come together. On top of that, the auto of Josh Allen comes out in the gold, making it a must-have. The replica black and gold with Josh Allen goes for around $550 USD and can go up from there, depending on helmet and autos. The chrome is about the same cost, but the chrome was a limited edition and may run you a little more because of the rarity.

Now if you have $10,000 USD in your pocket to spare and don’t want an autograph on a helmet, then you have to get the most beautiful Bills helmet there is. This is exactly the helmet that you want, and again, when you see it in person, it is just a beauty. This Riddell helmet is adorned with approximately 7,500 authentic Swarovski crystals from Austria. Each helmet is handmade by a single artist. This one comes with a case with a rotating turntable with lights. This is a one of kind helmet that an avid fan would want in their memorabilia collection. Maybe I can convince my wife to get this one? Probably not!

Those were my favorite Buffalo Bills helmets. Everyone will have their favorites. Some people will like the original helmets that the Bills used on the field, but there are literally hundreds of different designs out there. Which is your favorite? What Helmets do the Bills Mafia own? Are you looking for a Doug Flutie helmet too? Anyways, another day for my love of Doug Flutie, but send us your pics on twitter to me, @TheMightyDeol, or to Buffalo Fanatics @BfloFanatics!