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Buffalo Bills By the Spread: New England +4



Am I the King of Thursday Night Football? Serious answers only. The answer to that question is a very loud YES. I’m 6-1 on Thursday Night Football. If you aren’t gambling with my picks against the spread, you’re leaving free money out on the table. 

Speaking of leaving free money out on the table, all three of my must-bet games hit last week. I hope you are parlaying them together like I am. I’m a man of the people. 

This week we’re going to tackle Buffalo -4 and a few other games that I’ve deemed must bets. Let’s win some money. 

Buffalo vs the spread
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Buffalo Bills -4 

Buffalo vs New England. This is the game that so many Bills fans have circled. This is the game that Buffalo needs to win this season. I’ve gone on record saying if Buffalo just beats New England, I’ll be at bliss with everything. 

However, can Buffalo beat New England and beat the spread? I believe they can. For those at home that keep count, I’ve taken Buffalo in every game this year against the spread. 

It’s hard not to; all of the lines have been truly incredible. I locked this pick in at -3.5 and the line has since moved to -4. Buffalo struggled with red zone offense and penalties, things that good teams don’t struggle with. 

I’m happy to have Matt Milano back in the lineup. The defense struggles mightily when he’s not on the field. 

New England, on the other hand, looks like a team that is aiming straight for a top ten pick. They can’t seem to figure out the offense at all, not to mention Julian Edleman is out on Sunday. 

Buffalo easily covers the spread. They win by a touchdown. This week, Josh Allen finds the endzone, and all of Western New York celebrates. We’re finally going to win against New England.  

Buffalo vs the spread

Pittsburgh Steelers +4.5  

This line is criminal. It reminds me of the line last week with San Francisco. It can’t be real. Pittsburgh is probably the most complete team in the NFL this year. Yes, I am saying this even knowing that Kansas City has a great team. 

Mapletron, out on the perimeter, is a matchup nightmare. They don’t even have to feature him to win. I can list other players on the offense like James Conner, Big Ben, and Diontae Johnson. The list goes on. 

Are we supposed to believe Lamar Jackson can win in a shoot out with that group? Lamar Jackson is going to struggle a lot against this star-studded defense led by the younger Watt, TJ. 

We’ve learned that if you get ahead of Lamar Jackson, he will struggle to come back. Let’s not even make this all about him, though. This Ravens defense let the Eagles come back and almost beat them two weeks ago. 

I’m locking in Pittsburgh, and I’m not regretting it. 

Tennessee Titans -7

This is a tough pill for me to swallow. I’m not taking Cincinnati Bengals +7 no matter how bad I want to. I think Tennessee puts a beat down on the covering Bengals, and this is a game where they don’t cover the spread. 

Tennessee almost beat the best team in football last week. If they don’t start off flat, they lock that game down quickly. 

No matter how many times Joe Burrow throws the ball, it won’t be enough. He’ll be running for his life if he even sees the field. The Bengals traded Carlos Dunlap to Seattle. Who’s going to eat up blocks on the defensive line? 

King Henry will feast. Tennessee wins by 10 plus. Parlay them with Pittsburgh and win money. If you’re like me and are feeling even froggier, parlay this next team with them. 

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Tampa Bay -10.5

Yikes! You hate to see a line like that if you play for the opposing team. Vegas has no faith in the New York Giants. 

I like Daniel Jones, and I think he will be a good quarterback for big blue. Unfortunately for Daniel Jones, Tampa Bay’s defense doesn’t care about him at all. 

This is a defense that made Aaron Rogers look like a rookie. Daniel Jones is no Aaron Rogers. 

Big Blue won’t be able to do anything against Tampa Bay. I don’t even have to mention Tom Brady because he won’t be a factor in this game like the defense will. 

Take Tampa Bay, parlay it with Tennessee and Pittsburgh, make money, and be happy.

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