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Buffalo Bills: BF Madden Sim Rumor: Stefon Diggs unhappy with number of targets

Buffalo Bills star wide receiver Stefon Diggs want’s more targets according to sources.



Buffalo Bills

The Bills are having one of their best seasons in a very long time. They are 9-2 and are fighting for a top spot in the AFC. However, despite their success, a vital member of the team is unhappy.

It is being reported that wide receiver Stefon Diggs wants more target moving forward. In a conversation with Bills head coach Sean McDermott, Diggs pleaded to get the ball more.

“Coach, it’s been quiet for me out there on the field. And I normally wouldn’t complain, but when I’m not catching passes, I don’t feel like I’m helping the team,” Diggs said, “So can you get more involved in the offense this week?”

When asked about the matter McDermott said that the team is winning football games and, “…that’s all that matters.”

This comes as a surprise to many as Diggs currently leads the league in receiving yards with 1,150 and is top 15 in receptions with 60.

Will Diggs be the diva and distraction that many thought he was in Minnesota, or is this rumor nothing more than a competitive player wanting to win?

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Mitch Broder is a contributor for The Buffalo Fanatics. To contact him, email him at or on Twitter @mitchell_broder