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Buffalo Bills: 2020 NFL Draft Props Contest

Welcome back to “Four Downs with David.” After a few months on hiatus, “Four Downs” returns this week with a special piece as we inch closer to the draft.



I have been running a 1st round draft game/contest for the last eight years, and for the first time, we are opening the contest to all who want to enter. The important details can be found below…enjoy!

1st Down: What is the 1st Round Draft Game?

Way back in 2013, I thought it would be fun to make every pick in the 1st round a little bit more exciting for fans of a variety of teams. If the Browns were picking 1st overall, a Browns fan may not care too much about the rest of the first round, etc. What spawned was a prop game, consisting of 32 different props, loosely corresponding with each selection during the 1st round of the NFL Draft. 

Examples could include: Over/Under the number of players selected from the SEC in the top 15 or will the player selected with the 9th overall pick be offensive or defensive, etc., etc. Ultimately, each correct response earns a set number of points.

2nd Down: Format

With 32 1st round selections, there will be a total of 32 props. Each prop will have a binary answer, for which, a correct response will earn the contestant a specific number of “points.” I will use a mixture of “real” odds-based props from sports betting websites along with some of my own. Those props coming from sports betting websites could have different point values depending on the options.

For example, if it is much more likely that a greater number of offensive players are drafted in the top 10, the point value for that correct answer will be lower than guessing that more defensive players will be drafted. Blank entry forms will be distributed as an excel spreadsheet to each contestant. Completed forms should be sent directly to @TiltMoney.

There will be a limit of one entry per contestant.

3rd Down: How Can I Enter?

Entry into the contest is simple, and it is completely FREE to enter.

To enter, send a direct message on Twitter to @TiltMoney, requesting for blank entry form. In your request for an entry form, please provide an email address to which the form can be sent. Distribution of entry forms to contestants will commence on Thursday, April 16th.

Entries will be considered closed on Tuesday, April 21st and 3 pm EST. Any questions regarding the format or rules of the contest can be directed to @TiltMoney on Twitter via DM.

A SINGLE email will be sent to all contestants (as BCC) the evening of Wednesday, April 22nd, confirming his/her entry into the contest.

4th Down:  Winner and Prizes

The winner of the contest will be the entry with the highest total points across all 32 props.

There will be a single tiebreaker question if multiple entries are tied for the highest point total.

If there is still a tie, the prize will be split among the winners.

The winner will be announced on Twitter on Friday, April 24th, and will also receive a shoutout on the @TheBillsGuys podcast during our post draft episode.

Prize: The winner will receive $75, courtesy of @TheBillsGuys, to use at the Buffalo Fanatics Fan Shop.

Prize Kicker: If we receive at least 50 entries into the contest, the prize will increase to $100, for use at the Buffalo Fanatics Fan Shop!

A link to the BF Fan Shop can be found here: Buffalo Fanatics Fan Shop

Good luck to all!