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Buffalo Bills 2019 NFL Draft: Possible Trading Back Partners

Trading back in the 2019 NFL Draft could be a possibility for the Buffalo Bills come draft day.



Photo by: NHSPress

In 2018, the Buffalo Bills sent the #12 overall pick and two 2nd round picks to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to acquire the #7 overall pick and a 7th round pick. With this trade the Bills selected quarterback Josh Allen. Now that the Bills have their QB of the future, they are looking to put as much talent around him as possible in the 2019 NFL Draft.

With a top 10 selection in the NFL Draft and QB being a need for several teams behind them, the Buffalo Bills could elect to trade back and acquire more picks early in the draft. The Buccaneers had three 2nd round selections total and still had their first round pick, just five spots later. Trading back five spots in round one while having three 2nd round picks on net could be a way to acquire more top level talent.

While some fans will argue to stay put and grab the best player available, trading back for more picks in a similar deal to the 2018 Josh Allen trade-up is an option that could be on the table come draft day.

Possible 2019 NFL Draft Trade Partners

Denver Broncos @ pick at #10. They recently traded for Joe Flacco. Denver could be in a scenario where they acquired Flacco to groom a 2019 rookie. It would only be a one spot trade up, but it is a possibility.

Cincinnati Bengals @ pick at #11. Andy Dalton has shown he can win games, but also that he isn’t good enough to win in the playoffs. They could elect to acquire his replacement this year.

Miami Dolphins @ pick at #13. Ryan Fitzpatrick is the new quarterback for the Miami Dolphins and they got rid of Ryan Tannehill. Fitzpatrick could be a bridge to a 2019 draft pick. As a serviceable QB who can win games, it appears Miami will not be in full tank mode for the 2020 draft making it more likely they select one in 2019.

The Washington Redskins have the #15 pick in the draft. Alex Smith’s career could be over due to a leg injury, and now they are only stuck with Colt McCoy and Case Keenum. It is rumored the organization likes McCoy, but a rookie pick is highly possible.

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