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BillsMafia Poll: What to do with Mario Addison

After a disappointing 2020 season for Mario Addison, I turned to BillsMafia to see what their thoughts were on the 33-year-old pass rusher.



Mario Addison

During the 2020 off-season, Beane & Co. upgraded big time by adding former Panther Mario Addison. Coming off 9+ sacks in the previous 4 seasons, the rest of Bills Twitter, and I all thought that Addison would come in and give great pass-rush. Most importantly, bring in the same production. He did not. After the previous season, Brandon Beane looked to upgrade the D-Line again. He did by adding Greg Rousseau, Boogie Basham, and Efe Obada. Addison was the starter last year, but now his future is uncertain. So, I took to Twitter to ask Bills Mafia what they think will happen to Mario Addison. 

Results are ranked from lowest to highest

Cut Mario Addison (5.4%)

I completely agree with the feedback from the Mafia on this one. After watching Addison’s press conference and seeing his impact on the rookies and young guys, it’s practically a guarantee that Addison makes the roster. No matter how tough decisions may be, the front office is not letting this guy go; for nothing at least.

Also, Addison is on the wrong side of the 30 and the Bills’ 5th highest paid player. He’s a nice band-aid. However, in the future, Beane & Co. should look to find value in his contract by trading him before he walks.

Bench Mario Addison (22.9%)

I believe that this is the most realistic scenario, and roughly 1 in every 5 mafia members agrees. When we look at the D-Line room, it’s honestly hard to find a way for Addison to start. Hughes is obviously one starter, which then leaves four guys scrapping for one spot. Does Mario Addison give this Bills team the best chance to win compared to Epenesa/Rousseau? I certainly don’t think so. Addison was brought in as an emergency option. However now, let’s get the young bucks out there and dominate offensive line’s throughout the league.

Start Mario Addison (25.6%)

The opposite side of the spectrum here, 1 in every 4 Bills fans think that Addison should remain the starter for the upcoming season. I…… don’t get it. We saw what Addison can be on this team and in this scheme, and to put it nicely: it’s not a lot. I really think this is the time for Buffalo to play the young guys, work through some growing pains, and continue developing for the future. Because if I were AJ Epenesa, and I didn’t get the starting job, I’d have my agent request a trade. 

Trade Mario Addison (46.2%)

Honestly, I didn’t know the “Trade Mario Addison” party existed on Twitter, but Hello! Obviously, in theory, this would be the best option for the team. Shed cap, open up spots for younger guys, it makes sense. However, I don’t think there is a team in the league that would trade for Addison. He just turned 33 and is set to make roughly 10 million in this next season AND the year after that. The Addison contract was one of Beane’s few blunders, and the likelihood that a team takes on that much salary for a player that would only give you 6 sacks in a starting role is likely zero.

Just want to get this out there: I do not dislike Mario, I’m just so darn excited to see Rousseau, Epenesa, Basham & Obada play.

Thanks as always for the feedback on the voting poll! If you want to be a part of future polling processes make sure to follow @SemiAverageRigs.

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