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Buffalo Bills

Bills Tyrel Dodson Arrested On Domestic Violence Accusations



Buffalo Bills undrafted free agent Linebacker Tyrel Dodson was arrested Sunday after a domestic violence accusation. TMZ reports that the arrest was the result of a fight between Dodson and his girlfriend on Saturday in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Via TMZ:

“According to the police report, Dodson threw up in his girlfriend’s bedroom after drinking too much, resulting in an argument during which Dodson shoved her against a wall and both Dodson and his girlfriend slapped each other. The report says she later locked herself inside her bathroom and told him to leave, but he broke down the door, causing the door to hit her in the head. She also claims he stole thousands of dollars in cash from her, but he was not charged for that. Dodson faces three misdemeanor charges, for domestic violence, disorderly conduct and damage to property.”

“We are aware of the incident involving Tyrel Dodson last weekend,” the Bills told TMZ in a statement. “We have been looking further into the matter and will continue to gather information as the legal process continues.”

The Bills allegedly spoke with TMZ before making a public statement which seems a bit odd. Dodson was arraigned Sunday of his charges and is due in court June 18th for a pretrial conference. Not how you want to start off a career as an UDFA, or life in general.