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Buffalo Bills

Bills Super Smart Football: Week Six

The Buffalo Bills are coming off of a huge win over the Chiefs. Here is what the super smart football people are saying in Week 6.




Does it feel like Jim Ross busted into your life recently to announce a Buffalo Bills win over the Kansas City Chiefs? Because bah gawd! It feels like that exact thing happened Sunday night. Perhaps it was all the hallucination-inducing drugs I was taking to stay awake for the game because usually I only have to wait a couple hours (west coast time zone, baby!).

Patrick Mahomes faces adversity

Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs lost to the Bills Sunday night due to multiple mistakes and poor performances by the Chiefs. Definitely not because of any outstanding play by the Buffalo Bills. At least, that’s what my friend Chris told me. He commented watched the game and he told me all about the Chiefs just messing things up for Mahomes and the Chiefs. Sounds like the Chiefs definitely got in their own way. In no way did the Bills offense or defense have anything to do with it. That’s football for you, though.

The Referees Really Decided Things

Remember that adversity I was talking about Mahomes facing? Well, part of that had to do with the referees just not giving his team a break. There were times when the Chiefs were not playing well and the referees called bullshit penalties that should have helped the Chiefs. However, the Chiefs just kept underperforming. Again, this had nothing to do with anything the Bills were doing. They were mediocre. Chris, is this what you wanted me to write? Please let me know if I’m doing a good job.

What’s Next?

The Buffalo Bills travel to Monday night football to take on a hungry Titans team. This time they’re not coming off a COVID-fueled vacation. Instead it’s a loss against one of the worst teams not coached by Urban Meyer in the Jets. Granted, the Titans were without their top two wide receivers for the game. And they also lost due to a flukey play where a Titans’ kicker missed a field goal. But as long as the Bills have a decent defense that can handle an offense with two playmaking receivers and a running back who gets SO MANY carries, the Bills could come out on top. But I don’t know if that’s a situation the Bills can handle…

Thank you for reading and if you’d like to hear more absurd Bills takes with some super smart football takes, please check out the Process On Tap podcast featuring myself (@BFF_Jeramy) and Hansel (@UberHansen) on all of your preferred podcast applications.

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