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Bills Super Smart Football: Volume 3.21



The Buffalo Bills are now undefeated (if we’re just talking about week two)! But if you wanna be all technical, then they’re 1-1 after defeating our division rivals in the Miami Dolphins at our vacation home, Hard Rock Stadium. The Bills left with a victory after a 35-0 blowout against the porpoises with blowholes. Despite the lopsided victory, many fans are uneasy moving forward. The defense played another great game but the Bills’ offensive performance still seems off when it comes to Josh Allen. Are we gonna talk about any of that?

No. Maybe. I dunno. We’ll see. But let us reflect on our victory and also ponder what lies ahead in this edition of “Super Smart Football”!!

Tua leaves the game early from an injury, confusing Brian Flores.

Tua Tagovailoa left the game early despite a strong start, garnering two sacks and a quarterback hit in just two drives. Oh wait, that’s a great start for the Bills defense, not Tua. After suffering a rib injury from a clean hit by sophomore defensive end A.J. Epenesa, Tua left the field on foot and eventually by cart and would not return to play another snap. This was very confusing to head coach Brian Flores who has only ever replaced Tua due to poor play. Despite never wanting to see your starting quarterback leave the game, Flores said it’s something he’s used to with Tua and was prepared.

There is no need to worry about the Bills offensive line.

After poor performances in the AFC Championship game and week one against Pittsburgh, I’m here to tell you not to worry about the Bills offensive line. Not because of how they played against the Dolphins, but because of Brandon Beane. Many fans were worried about various positions along the line in recent games, but let that worry cease. Not because I know they’re going to get better (I have no idea). But because of Brandon Beane.

We once worried about this defensive line and how littered it was with old dudes and pressures not resulting in sacks. Someone once said “you can’t overhaul an entire position group in one offseason.” Brandon Beane said bet! He then signed Efe Obada, drafted Gregory Rousseau and Boogie Basham, and told Trent Murphy to look away and think about the rabbits. Is it crazy to think he can’t do the same with the o-line? Spencer Brown could very well be our right tackle next season. Feliciano’s and Williams’ contracts make them expendable after this year. Mitch Morse carries a dead cap of almost $4 million. We could see a mostly different line next year.

What’s next?

The Buffalo Football Team vs The Washington Football Team

This Sunday the Bills take on the What-The-Fucks at Highmark Stadium (formerly a much cooler named stadium). What do I know about the WTFs? Like two or three things. First, how will this o-line look against a Washington d-line? Will we see turnstiles and holding calls? Or a much better line? 

Quarterback Taylor Heinicke has been making waves because he was basically a nobody and now he has started two games and looks like he could be a somebody. Will he continue to be a threat? Against a Buffalo defense who has looked fantastic this season? My prediction: HELL. NO. McDermott and Frazier’s defense has always looked good against rookie/inexperienced quarterbacks. I’m not saying Heinicke will look terrible, but his performance will be nothing to write home about. Or is it ride home about? Who knows.

Last, will we see the Bills’ offense return to their 2020 form? Despite a blowout against the Dolphins, Allen, and sometimes even Daboll, have been criticized for their play and decision-making. What will we see this Sunday when they take the field?

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