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Bills Mafia Poll: Which Bill is Most Likely to Win an Award?



It’s been quite some time since a Buffalo Bill has flirted with an end-of-season award this early in the league cycle. Following a 13-3 season, the Bills now have quite a few people that will be eyeing an award (and Super Bowl) come February. I went to Twitter to ask the community which of the following are most plausible, outside mafia members’ inner biases. Here are the results.

Josh Allen MVP (56.8%)

This is the obvious selection. After two meh years in the NFL, Allen elevated his game by numbers that do not yet exist. He exploded in yards, touchdowns, accuracy, decision-making, and overall team comradery. Along with his ridiculous statistical breakout, Allen led the Bills to a second-place finish in the AFC. This ultimately led to him finishing second in MVP voting last year. For the upcoming season, Allen is projected to finish second again, according to Vegas.

So what will it take for Allen to raise the bar again? Personally, I’d like to see him continue to perfect his ball placement, especially over the middle of the field. I’d also like to see him continue working on pre-snap reads and when to give up on a play. It’s hard to critique the wunderkind. But if Allen can just raise the bar by let’s say 5%, then an MVP season is a reality.

Sean McDermott COTY (33%)

Through his movie-timeline-esque tenure with the Buffalo Bills, Sean McDermott has led the Bills to three playoff appearances and two playoff wins. In 2017 and 2020, MC D (as I like to call him) finished top five in coach of the year voting, and if we’re being completely honest as a non-biased Bills fan-page, our ringer should have won the damned award last year. But oh yeah, I forgot, finishing third in your division with one of the most stacked teams of paper is much more formidable than having one of the best seasons in your entire team’s lineage.

With the idea of exceeding your team’s parameters in terms of wins, offensive production, and creativity, McDermott’s window has passed. He has an MVP candidate, a sick receiving core, and a much-improved defense. Now, a 13-4 season is expected of MC D and the Bills. So, unfortunately, McDermott’s window to win COTY looks to have passed, but hey, if Buffalo ends up having a bye come playoff time, don’t be surprised if MC D throws his oddly-shaped hat in the ring for a postseason award.

Stefon Diggs OPOY (5.3%)

Stefon Diggs’ first year in Buffalo was truly amazing. He was the missing piece that allowed this team to yearn the success that we’ve been craving. He led the NFL in receiving yards and was tied for second in passes that went over 40 yards. The duo of Allen and Diggs deserves to be talked about in the “All-Time Great Duo’s” and I’m not talking football. Give me DiCaprio and Pitt at 1, peanut butter & jelly at 2, Allen and Diggs at 3, and Tua and interceptions at 4. Anyways, the odds that Stefon Diggs ends up putting up the same or better production are slim, but not impossible. Late in the season last year, we saw teams game-planning hard against Diggs, allowing Gabe Davis and Cole Beasly to make most of the plays.

But this year, with a better receiving core and another year of Allen developing, and the mastermind of Brian Daboll at OC, it wouldn’t shock me if Stefon Diggs breaks the receiving record. Now I want to make this clear, that wasn’t a joke or hyperbole, I seriously think, with an extra game, Steflon Don Diggs has a legitimate shot at surpassing Megatron’s 1,964 yards. Even if he does, would he win OPOY? Probably not. All I can say is, when the betting odds for OPOY come out, I’ll be putting a Ben Franklin on Diggs.

Tremaine Edmunds DPOY (4.8%)

Edmunds got little love from the mafia in this poll. I still don’t understand the hate towards Edmunds. I watched all the games, and in the games where “he was slow to the ball” “missed a read” “late in the gap”, he was nursing and playing through injuries. When he finally got healthy towards the end of the season, he was electric, and he and Milano together in the middle of the field gave teams headaches. Now, despite this, Edmunds is not a top-end defender in the league, despite getting a Pro-Bowl selection last year (10-year-old’s shriek in excitement).

However, as a now healthy Middle Linebacker on a fantastic team, the reality in which Edmunds takes home this award next year is much more likely than we realize. Let’s say the defense steps up big-time next year, and Edmunds is in the realm of 120 tackles, 5 TFL’s and a pick or two, is it ridiculous to give this award to someone with that stat-line on a team that is contending? I don’t think so.